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  1. No. There is no ignitor on the OE coil
  2. All fixed. Swapped the pins over to ign 5+6 and set to thermo fan 1+2 Thanks all!
  3. Fantastic! Thanks Adam!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I know how i could fix it. I just wondered if there were any outputs which were open on power off rather than sunk to ground. Looks like there are not
  5. Thanks for the reply Gsab. Yes, the polartiy is selectable but it is always pulled low when powered down. Swapping the polarity just inverts the action when the ecu is powered.
  6. I have my fan control wired from Aux 4 to a relay which is not on a switched live. Previously the fan was on a temp switch which prevented heat soak when the engine was off. When the ecu powers down the fan comes on. The fan works fine when the ecu is powered. Is there an output which doesnt pull-low when the ecu isnt powered? Im sure i read there is but i cant remember if i read it or made it up. It would be much easier to swap the pin than re-wire the factory harness. Thanks.
  7. Fraser

    Clio 172 f4r

    No. I can assure you, that is not what happened. Actually i read the link helpfile that said the ecu may struggle with the OEM tooth config, so i machined it to a conventional pattern before i even did the ecu install. Rather than build it, then have to pull the engine again to machine the flywheel. Then i forgot i had set the trigger pattern to 'Sport Clio' and by sheer chance, it ran as the polarity was inverted. So now i have a rock solid idle and a correct polarity with a conventional trigger pattern.
  8. I now have this running beautifully smooth. No more hunting, spitting and stumbling. Thanks for the help. Fraser
  9. Fair point. I will try the map changes soon and let you know. Just my luck that it actually ran decent....with wrong polarity, and trigger pattern! or i'd have changed it earlier. Next time the engine is out i'll swap the flywheels back and try. why is the amplitude so much greater with the reversed polarity?
  10. Adam, I followed the help note in the Link manual which advised i had to machine off the double high tooth to a conventional 60-2 arrangement. See me do this here.. I really wanted to keep the trigger un touched so i could use the OE ECU. that's pretty annoying if i didnt have to do that as i cant swap back now without swapping the flywheel... That aside, if the trig pattern is changed to multi/missing 60-2 i should be ok? Will try today (UK) and report back Cheers, Fraser
  11. As requested. File names are self explanatory. cheers, Fraser really good kangoo.pclr trigger play inverted wiring..pclr
  12. Simon. No cam trig used. Engine ran great for months apart from a wandering idle which i was puting down to the inverted crank signal causing the ecu not trigger on the right edge. Since ive tried to get it to run 'right' ive ran into these problems. If i swap it back, it runs fine. Cheers Fraser
  13. Gents, thanks for the feedback. sorry for the delayed reply. Flat battery, frosty weather, kids...etc... just having a go just now. swapped the wires on the pickup and no RPM sig and no noticeable trigger on the pclink scope. dropped the arming threshold as low as i could and got it to register on the scope - showing a now correct polarity (attached). but i still see no RPM sig. this is a fully charged battery running at normal crank speed. for some reason there is a marked loss of power generated from the pickup when the wires are inverted. what to
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