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  1. I replaced my factory water temp sensor with a Bosch temp/pressure sensor in one works great
  2. hi guys I'm after some help in increasing my boost, as I'm not very familiar with the g4+ wastegate duty table log shows going through gears 1 - 4 and showing peak of around 31psi in higher gears, I want to increase it to around 35psi or so it does run a 4 port boost solenoid gate pressure is around 23/24psi any help would be much appreciated I will attach my tune file and log file if that's of any help thanks log - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cg8M7xDLDIoNrumvjl5GJm4yFboAmm-G/view?usp=sharing map - https://dri
  3. On another note can base ignition timing be set while cranking the car, cold ? or should the car be running when hot to check?
  4. Ok thanks I had a feeling that was the case
  5. Hello without using a timing light, can you see what your actual base timing is using the software ? I need to check my base timing, but I came across the runtime value page (f12), click the “ignition” tab and it shows “ign angle (BTDC)” 13.0 is this correct or am I way off in thinking this
  6. Sorry just checked my settings again: MAP lockout is 100kpa RPM lockout is 2000rpm Speed lockout is 20kmh tp/ap lockout is 4.0% do these settings seem abit high and could be giving me issues at at slow speed/light load like in car parks etc ?
  7. Sorry what I meant was I just checked mine it’s set at 150rpm, the pop up help section said 150rpm should be used when running electronic throttle i also have the same issue as this guy i might try up the rpm lockout and see
  8. Does RPM lockout change if running electronic throttle ?
  9. Mine does same thing Adam setup anti lag for me which In my tune file which I haven’t gotten around to testing Should have results this weekend at roll racing Hopefuly
  10. I’m wondering, can the speed at which the electric throttle body closes between high rpm shifts be adjusted or is it pre set
  11. i recently had my timing belt cover off my RB26 engine which has a platinum racing products trigger wheel attached, I made sure to mark the cam trigger sensor before removal to make sure it goes back in the exact same position I just did a trigger scope log, does everything look ok ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HBANddvnNOmp57jR8_ff2yzFl-H44SJa/view?usp=sharing
  12. What your opinion on running them on a link fury ?
  13. One set of injectors is high impedance and the other is low impedance can this be changed though the ecu settings ? im considering this injector change for my Rb26/32gtr aswell
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