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  1. I’m wondering, can the speed at which the electric throttle body closes between high rpm shifts be adjusted or is it pre set
  2. i recently had my timing belt cover off my RB26 engine which has a platinum racing products trigger wheel attached, I made sure to mark the cam trigger sensor before removal to make sure it goes back in the exact same position I just did a trigger scope log, does everything look ok ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HBANddvnNOmp57jR8_ff2yzFl-H44SJa/view?usp=sharing
  3. What your opinion on running them on a link fury ?
  4. One set of injectors is high impedance and the other is low impedance can this be changed though the ecu settings ? im considering this injector change for my Rb26/32gtr aswell
  5. Thanks adam tried it today and what you did worked like a charm thanks again
  6. Thankyou I will give that a try in the next few days when back at the car and report back Yes I’m certain GP speed works via the ecu but I can confirm aswell
  7. Also my dash speed reads 0 kmh, is that because r32 gtr Speedo is cable type and not electronic like r33/r34 gtr ?
  8. I’m using a “ecu master egt to can” with 6 egts current tune file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kRVtDXGTBu3_zzx9V17kOGQV7MsbTKFb/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hello i have a link fury g4+ and a Microtech digital dash showing all the important stuff finally today I went to setup a page to display egts but they are reading 00 can anyone help as to how I can have my dash show egts ? I can see and log egts through the Ecu it’s just the dash doesn’t display them thanks !
  10. My rpm limit currently is in 2D table mode and advanced mode is ON will switching to 3D table and advanced mode off as you say, make me loose all my rpm cut settings ?
  11. Sorry one last question, I already have two “RPM GP limits” setup, one for Lambda and one for Oil pressure, how can I setup a 3rd GP rpm limit so I can setup the above
  12. I had similar issues and was the non resistor spark plugs I was using so check them also
  13. So I set up my virtual AUX 1 as shown above (just different egt temps) how do I go about actualy setting up an rpm limit once they reach set temperature ?
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