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  1. Thanks guys, I'll make the appropriate changes to the target tables and see how it goes. I anticipate the boost control will act much better.
  2. That's not reality for me. with my target at 326 which converts to 47.3 psi. Its resulting in 43 psi of boost in reality. On 93 octane 140 converts to 20.6 psi and reality is I'm actually building boost levels to 20psi and slowing dropping to 18psi in my last log with these exact same settings. I understand absolute but that's not what I'm seeing or actual reality on how much boost is being produced. What's happening? Where am I messing up exactly sir?
  3. On 93 octane I'm trying to target 20psi not 5. How & where are you seeing 5 psi? I'm messing up somewhere if that's what you are seeing.
  4. Here you go Adam. Chris with Duron Adjustments.pclr
  5. I have a Fury with multi fuel setup. My current ethenol content is 11% and trying to get my boost control stable but struggling to understand what seems to be the two boost table to function correctly. So my boost control is closed loop and setup boost by speed. I'm have set my wg duty cycle in boost table 1 to progressively up to 21.5% however in my logs I am seeing my wg duty cycle only go up to 14.6 and the active boost tables are interpolate Tables 1 and 2. My Boost table Ratio is in the 0% range within the "Fuel multi blend %" and the Fuel multi Blend table itself is in the 0 % too. Boost
  6. With my 4 port boost valve and with multi fuel setup I have read numerous times the help file done my research as much as I can and have come to the conclusion to setup a partial closed loop boost control setup. Just wanted any additional input on my setting up before I install in the car. Is there anything you think I might be missing? E85 High boost WGDC table switched to MAP as load axis Latest.pclr
  7. After start up on cold starts the engine is getting too much fuel making for a very rough idle during the warm period Once it gets to about 140 or so it clears up. I have zero'd out the cells in the Warm up enrichment tables. It would have been nice if they could go negative basically making a ECT fuel trim but this table just doesn't have enough control. Any suggestions? Update: I just enabled the 5D fuel table and selected always on with my Axis's ECT and TP Main. From there I will pull fuel with end the ECT temps and see if this will work properly but I would think it should. Gonna try
  8. Oh, okay. I will keep an eye on the updates. How often does link push out updates? Is there a schedule or just have to check periodically?
  9. I have looked through the log and checked help but not seeing much info on what makes the cruise Light turn on when enabled. I have included a log. Can someone tell me what I am missing? Last Tune Save on ECU.pclr cruise ctrll.llg
  10. Sure, here it is running. good Trigger Scope Log running 2019-11-30 6;32;32 pm.llg
  11. Update: Adam, Thank you for your support. Once a part one of the teeth were broken off between taking it off and installation on the rebuild. Motor started right up. Now I know how to identify a broken tooth in the trigger scope. Thanks again for all your help. Link has to be one of the best supporting aftermarket ECU companies out there. Great support!!!!
  12. I will tear it down and check
  13. Long story short I had to pull my motor and rebuild it after spinning a rod bearing, So the motor was torn completely down and rebuild with same everything except replaced crankshaft, rods, & oil pump. Now the motor won't start. I have checked continuity on the cam sensor wiring Signal and sensor ground. which seems to me like its my trigger issue and They ohm'd out perfect they ohm'd out perfect. I have spark and fuel but spark seems to be firing 180* off all a sudden since reinstalling motor. I am including a few logs of me try to start the car. I can confirm the spark if firing 180* of
  14. I just saw your post of realdash which looks a lot more more promising as it isn't limited to OBD II protocol if my understanding is correct. But it looks like I need to use my tuner cable to see all the data. I can't use the obd II port with my wfi adapter to communicate with the Fury ECU and get all the parameters real dash is capable of displaying or do both apps basically display the same thing and I'm spinning my wheels?
  15. The Pids that are actually functional through Link ECU are rather close to worthless. The only useful ones are Water temp, Oil Temp (I guess) Boost, and a few others however No actual AFR's (Instead its AFR command which is pointless) I don't have oil pressure, I would like to monitor other of my Analog inputs and many other important information. I see that the Torque App could pull in other Pids and even customize data to display in its app but Link doesn't have it available unless there is a way to assign specific parameters to different ODB Pids to display. For such a Great system user n
  16. Thanks Adam! I did as you instructed and cruise works great. Thanks for the help you provide again!!
  17. I have an on switch and a separate off switch which I thought were momentary switches. As you can see from the log when I press the off button the "Cruise On" parameter turns off then I push the On button again and it displays on. So I need to update firmware? going to Link website to check for update I currently have the latest I believe according to the Link download website V5.6.7.3632. Did I overlook something?
  18. I have configured everything I have read in the help section to enable cruise control however it won't. Shows Active status and when I push set button the Set on the ECU displays active while pressing the button. I'm drive by wire, brake and clutch switches are inactive, Driven wheel speed is configured properly and displaying. Can you please take a look at my logs and tell me what on earth I could be doing wrong or missing. Thanks, Duron cruise test3.llg
  19. I have a Link Fury G4+ ECU and when I connect to the second external serial port while using the tuning port, to communicate to my laptop, I my laptop looses communication. the lower serial port is configured for OBD II. I have searched the help files trying to figure out why I can't use both ports at the same time.
  20. duncan351

    2jZGE VVti

    I have Link Fury and I have done a lot of searches with people experiencing trigger issues with this motor. I have my fury setup sequential injection and fire. When I sync the timing with the computer I end up at 265* using the 1jz vvti trigger default settings however when I turn fuel injection back on to try and start the motor kicks back and acts as if the timing is way to advanced. When I put trigger offset back to 200-205 I don't get the issue and the motor is very difficult to start cold. Once its warm its not. My concern is the trigger offset. Its way off. When engine does start it idl
  21. Just wanted to come back to confirm I did have both Crank and Cam Pins positioned backwards in the housings when I built the harness. I return my offset to 205 just as your basemap suggests and the engine fired right up. Thanks for your support!
  22. I am experiencing the exact same issue with my 2jzGE VVti engine. Have fuel pressure I choose 1jz vvti and entered all the data for igntion just as listed in the help files but engine isn't starting. Synch'd timing with timing light but had to sync at 260 offset. Turned the motor over then would open throttle completely and still nothing. I added more fuel to the point I was very concerned (VE at 120) still no start the cells in the start area. I have confirmed ignition coils & fuel injectors work and sparking in perfect order with Noid light and spark led tester, Confirmed fuel pressure a
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