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  1. It does, indeed. My personal opinion is that the licensing model behind makes the package less attractive to individual customers, as the cost can only be justified if one is really in business of developing custom code for that particular ecu type and has a good base of customers, most likely active in professional motorsport... As mentioned, that's my opinion, others might see that differently, of course.
  2. Thanks, that's an option for sure. Since the engine is normally aspirated, is there a slight chance of misusing boost control PID loop to do what we are after? I don't really care whether the displayed units in tables etc are being physically correct, as long as I could have a chance to define variable coolant temperature setpoint and adjust PID parameters. That's a pity, but I can understand. However, I believe the first supplier who offers the option of allowing customers to create their own plugins might get some decent sales out of it. May I kindly ask you to pass the sugges
  3. We will be using map controlled thermostat and would like to have a closed loop coolant temperature regulation, based on a setpoint formed by certain process variables (like environmental temperature, thermal load etc). Can Thunder do that? Electrically it can do pwm on the thermostat heater (it's 1 Amp max) without problems, but is there an available control loop to do the actual regulation? On another matter, are there any plans to allow customers to add their own control code for any further Link ECU? In OEM world this is actually quite common (with OEMs being customers), and it woul
  4. Thank you, Simon, that was a quick reply. Since 8 does not divide evenly into either 36 or 60, does it mean that the second part of the recommendation quoted above actually makes no difference?
  5. We are currently preparing crank trigger setup on a V8 (Thunder ECU will be used). In terms of number of teeth, the following recommendation has so far given perfect results: We are fabricating a custom trigger wheel (anyway) and wanted to double-check with Link tech support that 40 - 1 teeth crank setup is fine for the V8. Regards, Nick
  6. Thanks for the replies. Would it be possible to use high resolution GPS derived speed (available over CAN or as variable frequency) for traction control on Fury (or Thunder) ECU?
  7. Can I use Fury ECU for traction control on a 4x4 vehicle? If so, are there any special aspects (incl. calibration) to consider? Currently without traction control, there is wheelspin on all 4 wheels in 1st and 2nd gear.
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