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  1. Installing an aquamist hsf3 water/meth controller and kit on my St205 celica running a G4+ plug in. The HSF3 controller requires an injector signal and an optional map signal, is it possible for the ecu to provide this to the controller and how would such a table be best set up? I will be using the failsafe function of the controller to trigger the ecu in the event of a fault. Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi folks, Since converting to cop I have lost the rev counter function on the instrument cluster. As per previous threads I have removed the 43k resistor and replaced it with a 1k one however it is still not working. Is there any suggestions or something else I should have done? Cheers Ben
  3. Hi folks, Does anyone know what colour wires correspond to what outputs/inputs on a st205 g4+ pnp expansion connector? Fitted the loom and refitted ecu but forgot to label the wires Cheers Ben
  4. Hi folks, Having an issue with my st205 pnp setup. Got the car running on it fine with a set of blitz 850cc injectors and walbro 255 pump, set base timing and had it idling ok. Stopped it to check fluids etc but when we went to run it again the injectors seemed to be stuck open. 1,2 and 3 cyl plugs where soaked and even with injection mode set to off it was filling the cylinders with fuel. Anyone got Any ideas on This? Got good continuity between injector plugs and ecu for the trigger wire. I have pulled the fuel pump relay and cranked her over whilst logging
  5. Got it all setup now and ready to start. This engine previously resided in a MR2 running a Haltech Elite system. It had the trigger Angle set to 385 Degrees. On the link what does this equate to as it goes from -360 to + 360? Wanting to use this as a starting point as it was known to be good. Thanks Ben
  6. Hi Folks, Got the G4 plugin on my celica st205 and an Innovate LC1 Wideband. for wiring it in, would it be possible to do the following: Cut the current wire going from pin 33 (An Volt1) which from the diagram looks to be the oxy sensor and then wire the analogue out on the innovate to this pin? Don't see the need to have both narrow band (Standard) and the wideband. For wiring in a 3 port boost solenoid; is it possible to simply wire it in to the wiring for the standard TVSV valve which had the wastegate line previously running to it? For the COP conversion with 1ZZ c
  7. I'm looking at running a caldina inlet and tb on my soon to be completed celica st205. The caldina tb doesn't have an idle control switch on it where the standard st205 one does. Will this still work with the link g4 plug in and will I be able to set idle speed without it?
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