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  1. Sorted with a PC Link update/reinstall for anyone else that see’s this problem.
  2. It does show the same serial number yes. I will try locking it and unlocking it, but the map has never been protected. Im thinking it could be a PcLink version mis match between mine and the one on the customers laptop when loading it over TeamViewer, I’ll align the versions and try the lock/unlock and give it another go.
  3. Hi guys, Wondering if you could shed some light on this, never seen this problem before.. Finished a calibration last week, and had to make a couple of remote adjustments to the map today and load it’s road fuel map back in. Race fuel map out - ok Road fuel map in - ok Tweaks made etc - ok Go to put racefuel map back in and get the message “The file is locked to a different ecu and serial number”. Erm how is this possible when the map has just come out of the exact ecu? Thanks for any insight.
  4. RFish


    TPS works in the same way i.e switch type on/off. You can use the TPS off the Auto's (4 pin) or from a R32/33GTR
  5. As said above its more used on Pectel, which then means Life and Syvecs got it also. On these ECU's it works how you want, each on a separate output, change the linearisation curve on each solenoid etc etc.
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