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  1. Sorry for a late reply zsmitho, I didn't see any email notification for your comment. You've done better than me first time around! Based on the wiring diagram I found, it indicates that the way you have it wired up would be constantly running through the resistor. The relay for the secondary circuit which bypasses the resistor is not being activated. See photo attached, circled in BLUE you have activated the fuel pump circuit. Circled in RED you have not activated the relay to bypass the resistor. You could check whats happening at your pump by seeing if you have 12v at the
  2. Wireman, AdamW is spot on. The Altezza PnP ecu is the only aftermarket ecu that I know of which supports the Toyota multiplex network. As an update to my original question for anyone interested, it was a wiring problem. I found a JZX110 wiring diagram, and discovered the fuel pump circuit features two relays; the first to turn the fuel pump on but through a resistor (fuel pump runs at low speed), and a second relay to bypass the resistor and allow the pump to run at full speed. My mistake was that I was only energising the second relay to bypass the resistor, not the first relay to
  3. Hi CJ, The original fuel pump pin as per the AltezzaLink documentation is IGN5, however I have tried the fuel pump relay on both IGN5 and AUX8 (expansion harness) with all the same results. I have tried all combinations of high side/low side, and high polarity/low polarity. Only AUX8 has the high side driver option as you have said, but still nothing works. I suspect I'm missing something obvious but can't figured it out yet. Thanks, Mitch
  4. Hi Richard, thanks for the reply. All wiring looks untouched from factory, and works fine with factory ECU so I don't believe anything has been changed in the fuel pump wiring. I would prefer to leave it operating in stock form if possible so I can easily revert to back if needed. I checked the output from factory ECU when cranking/idling, and there is 12v at the Fuel Pump Relay pin. I have tried your suggestion of grounding the pin (also suggested by Adam previously), and relay does not click nor fuel pump prime when grounded. When I jump 12V to the same pin, relay does click on. Th
  5. Hi Adam, Nothing I have tried will get the Link ECU turn the Fuel Pump relay on. Grounding the harness pin out does not help, however supplying the pin with 12V straight from the battery instantly turns the relay on. Knowing this, I started checking the output voltages from the ECU. With AUX8 (Expansion harness) set to TEST ON, the output voltage is 10.5 (with battery at 11.8) when not connected to the harness. Once connected to the fuel pump relay pin, the voltage drops to 0.5V and relay does not turn on. Alternatively, using the original fuel pump relay pin location of ignition dri
  6. My wiring harness does have a wire connecting to that pin on the stock ecu, and also has a conventional fuel pump relay. It should be very easy to turn this pump on. I will try your suggestions and let you know how I go. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi Adam, wish I had thought of grounding the wire out. The car is my daily so its back together running on stock ecu, will test your suggestion as soon I have a chance. Regarding the BEAN, could you elaborate? As far as the AltezzaLink documentation says, the BEAN is for A/C, some temperatures, battery voltage, etc. Fuel pump is not mentioned. Both the Altezza and JZX110 each have a single ecu pin which is for fuel pump relay, so I was expecting it to work similarly in both cars. Admittedly this is my first time delving into programmable ecus, so hopefully I'm not way off. Thank
  8. Hi guys, hoping for some help. I selected the AltezzaLink ecu for my JZX110 with 1JZ vvti due to this ecu supporting the e-throttle and toyota multiplex system. I have made a patch harness which converts the JZX110 pinout to the altezza pinout. Injectors, ignition and throttle are working (tested), but fuel pump relay output (on expansion connector AUX8) is not turning fuel pump on. The fuel pump status always remains off. When choosing the TEST ON or TEST PWM options, the status does show as on but still no fuel pump. I've double checked my wiring. Can anyone suggest a solution or reas
  9. Hi Blackwing, Are you using the HKS adaptor harness? From my understanding, the Kurofune doesn't support DBW, so the stock JZX110 ecu must remain to control factory DBW. Alternatively, there are kits which manualise the throttle on JZX110s, essentially making the E-throttle redundant. Personally, my planned ECU choice for my JZX110 is an Altezza link. Connecting the Altezza link to the JZX110 harness is either by re-pinning the JZX110 ecu plugs, or making an adaptor harness. I'm in the process of making an adaptor harness. The stock DBW should remain functional as the Altezza l
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