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  1. Everything is ok on that side would you recommand shipping ECU to have it fixed ?
  2. I have hooked a Force GDI on a Mustang Ecoboost engine for close to a year now and i had a trouble with it on last week end the car stopped during stage rallye , when we got the car in the garage we found that the speed sensor (hooked on digital input) wires melted on the downpipe , fixed these wires but the car wont start ,,, did plenty of tests and my opinion is that there is something wrong with the ECU No injector triggered and no control on the pump short video of wath happen while the engine run with somebody throw some brake cleaner in the intake any other idea ? Eric video-1548813397.mp4
  3. I a 4 lobes ecoboost engine running on Force GDI i can share my tune file so you can compare with wath you have
  4. Boom!!!! It works ,,, problem fixed with the new firmware thanks Adamw
  5. Thanks for the advices i will try to upgrade to the latest firmware and see where it take me to Eric
  6. tested your suggestion and i got an error befor starting the car (long pulse) i would have to ground the other pin to make it work? so i decided way to diagnose i installed a noid light ,instead of the pump solenoid and i got no pulse att all when the status is active i should have before the error came on ? i suspect the driver to be defect i even try in saturated mode (with the noid light )and nothing more can a firmware update reset a faulty driver?
  7. Your right the AN Volt was not properly labeled the fuel pressure is on the AN Volt 8 as for the fuel pump control it use a fixed fuel pressure with a mecanical FPR set to 55psi Log 2018-05-25 9;25;47 am ecoboost.llg
  8. Hello everyone i just installed a Force GDI on a Ford Ecoboost engine the engine start but run on low pressureand trow an error after a few second saying the DI pump cant reach target and dissabling it. I put the delay to the maximum 10sec to try diagnosing it with a scope ,,, no command sent from ecu to actuate the solenoide. i attached the file if you can have a look at it , i have a good 12v to the solenoide , and when i unplug the connector i have an error saying the wiring is faulty so it confirm mi connection is good . is there a way to test this output (same as the injector or ignition test) thanks Eric Courchesne ecoboost injector scaled.pclr
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