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  1. My man!! Thank you, that did it.
  2. I'm having trouble connecting my VR4Link G4+ to my AEM CD7 via CAN. I'm using AEM’s Plug & Play CAN bus Communication Harness (PN 30-2215) for Link/Vipec and your CANPCB cable to connect. I have the dash powering up and I can successfully upload different layouts via DashDesing software but can't get my data to transfer from the ECU to the dash. This is the AEM installation recommendations for Link Ecus that I used... https://www.aemelectronics.com/files/dbc/Link_G4+.pdf I have my own custom layout I made, but I've been trying to get this working on the default Link G4+ setup for simplicity and still haven't had any luck. I attached the layout just to be clear and also attached my current link file. Any guidance to what I'm doing wrong would be great. Thanks, Chris Default-Black-LinkG4+.aemcd7 Modded Start Up File 1-7-19.pclr
  3. Ok thanks again. I'll have to get to the bottom of that and report back.
  4. Yes I'll be hoping to push into the mid 50's boost this year. Ok that's good to know about AN Volt 3. Here's my inputs so far: AN 1 - TPS AN 2 - MAP AN 3 - On Board Map/Not Used AN 4 - Wideband AN 5 - Oil Pressure AN 6 - Fuel Pressure But I'll have to drop one if I need to use one of them for a knock sensor input. As I mentioned in our message, the most confusing part of all this is that I have two friends running this same exact VR4Link plugin ecu on their 1g DSM's and they've told me numerous times they are using a Bosch donut style sensor to the factory knock input (pin 9) and it all works flawlessly. From your first reply above it seems like that couldn't be possible.
  5. Yes that would be great. That actually leads me to another question. I will overrun the “on board” map sensor making it useless to me currently. Under the same guidelines would I potentially be able to solder a jumper wire from the on board map sensor input to the AN Volt 3 pin and use that channel to run a 5 bar map sensor through there? Thanks again
  6. In the G4+ VR4Link pinout, it skips over Pin 9 on the ECU which is the factory knock sensor. My question is whether my factory 1g DSM knock sensor will work correctly with my Link G4+ ECU or do I have to use an analog input and different knock sensor (most likely a Bosch donut sensor)? I would like to use as many of the analog inputs as possible and not having to use one for the knock sensor would be great if everything would still work correctly. Thanks, Chris
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