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  1. Sure, like a Marine waterproof version.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a Vipec based on G4X in the works? I tried using the contact form on their website but it bounces back with errors.
  3. That's great news regarding improved trigger for the Rotax 4-Tec. If trigger logs are still useful I do have a few from last year when I was fighting this. Would love to give the new G4X a try next season if the CAN preset gets implemented by then. The stock ECU flashing is so basic I actually copy the fuel map into PC Link and edit it there and copy back into the flashing software.
  4. Wondering if there are any plans to add Sea-Doo CAN BUS Mode to the G4X firmware? It's present in the G4+ Rotax 3-cylinder trigger mode would also be excellent.
  5. With the G4x here, does that mean we will not be seeing any new features added to G4+ firmware? Just wondering if I should hold out any hope of having a custom Rotax 4Tec trigger implementation in the G4+. I submitted a request ticket last August but no updates to the ticket since.
  6. Do you have a oil pressure sensor hooked up? Once you have that you can use GP RPM Limit table to configure rpm limit based on oil pressure.
  7. It works with Vipec and Vipec is G4+ internally. PC Link software has a pre-set for SeaDoo CAN-BUS, I guess in theory if you wired up some other G4+ ECU it would work but Vipec plugs into the stock SeaDoo 4tec/ACE ecu harness and even comes with lanyard replacement to deal with the RF based ones on the 2016+ models. One thing to note is Vipec does not monitor oil pressure, something to keep in mind if that's important to you I added my own sensor.
  8. This is basically just updated 4tec motor. The throttle is analog. I had it running for a while but then out of the blue I started having trigger issue and it was very hard to start. Basically because of the 3-cylinder configuration on these motors the trigger signal is messy, it speeds up and slows down during cranking. I submitted a ticket for a pre-defined trigger option but my hopes are very low that it will ever get looked at, just not enough interest. BTW Vipec = Link ECU so you could grab vipec and have plug&play setup, keep stock dash with iBR functionality. Remov
  9. jetape

    Hard time starting

    What's weird is that it's gotten worse over time. Can these sensors lose performance but not totally fail? Stock ECU would not start if they're were broken but it does and Link has taken a massive turn for the worse.
  10. jetape

    Hard time starting

    Yeah it makes cranking not as rough but the ECU is just not picking up a steady crank rpm. Looks like it's back to stock ECU flashing for me. Hopefully tech people will look at my ticket and build a trigger preset for these motors into the firmware.
  11. jetape

    Hard time starting

    Interesting, will give that a shot.
  12. jetape

    Hard time starting

    Yeah I looked at that already, there's a 2500 max value
  13. jetape

    Hard time starting

    I emailed tech support and they opened a ticket, not sure what that means exactly. Did some experimenting with the timing at cranking RPM, it lessened the nasty sounds but I think there's build in logic that disengages the start status when RPM crosses it. With the ECU seeing garbage RPM spikes to 4k during cranking it's causing the starter to disengage and engage even though the start is held. Here is a pic how cranking looks, no steady RPM detected by the ecu and all those spikes are causing starter cycle, rough stuff. Still not sure how last season it seemed to start a lot b
  14. Crank Enrichment (to get it started at various coolant temps) and Warm Up Enrichment (to keep it happy after it starts while it warms up) might be something you want to look at.
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