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  1. is there a way to get a digital dash display from my linkg4+ into my android head unit?
  2. Its a r33 gtst skyline rb25 using a link g4+ 300zx plugin.
  3. Hi, ive recently purchased a brand new plug in ecu for my car, and its been installed and tuned for about 3 weeks now driving very nicely. Then yesterday i was about an hour away from home and got stranded because the car stalled and wouldnt start. I had my laptop with me, plugged it in and this is what i saw (see video below) is also says fault code 74. I called home and got someone to come and give me a tow and also bring the oem ecu to see if it would run if i plugged it in and it did and drove home fine with the oem ecu. Is the link ecu broken, or what could be the isseu?? In the video the car is not running only the ignition is on. https://youtu.be/98wva3ZFguA
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