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  1. Awesome thanks for the replies Adam! I'll get those wired correctly today. RE the coolant temp sensor, I bought a powertune Digital dash and thought I had to run a new ECT sensor to display on there.
  2. Just bumping this back up as I've changed some wiring around. I've rewired my fuel pumps so the 3rd pump switches from a negative trigger, I would like to use one of the spare outputs on my 2nd expansion loom as a GP Output to drive the fuel pump relay when MAP hits 125 kPa I've wired the trigger into Ignition 6 Aux Output. Is this correct? All I need to do is change it to a GP Output via PClink and set up the switch conditions? I've attached a pic of the PClink setup, obviously not connected to the ECU yet. Another one I want to confirm, I'm running 2 x Bosch Temp/Press
  3. Have a friend of mine running a Link G3+ with G4 firmware. Running low on inputs and wanted to see if it's possible to add something like the ECU Master CAN Switch Board to increase inputs/outputs on the ECU. Pictures of the ECU board attached, running PCB V1. 7 Does the G3+ support CAN Expansion with a module like this? Thanks :) sw_board_V3_480x480.webp
  4. Just bumping up an old thread, thanks Adam I ended up utilizing one of the DI's for my flex fuel sensor and the car is running well. I was looking at adding some fail safe sensors - oil pressure and fuel pressure. I was looking at the EFI solutions sensors; EFI Pressure Sensor My question regarding these, can I have 2 sensors sharing the same +5V supply and ground from the expansion loom or do they need to be separate? Then just pick a spare AI for each sensor respectively? I also have a AFR/lambda sensor I would like to install and feed back into the ECU althou
  5. Posting on behalf of a friend of mine. His current setup is a AUDM 2002 WRX STI running a Link G3 or 3+ ECU. This has been upgraded to run the G4 firmware recently. We are having issues wiring in the Antilag switches to a DI - for some reason the XS loom DI's are not registering when switched to 12V+ What I am hoping to do - and on my old vehicle (02 STI) I used to run the same setup, only with a Link G4+ - it was wired in by a workshop to use an OEM DI to switch the Antilag on/off - fairly sure to ground/0V. I know it is common to use the AC switch, but this car is street
  6. Thanks for the clarification Adam! I removed the ECU from its housing when I got home tonight and it turns out I was mistaken. It is, in fact a G4+. Can this accept an analogue signal for flex fuel sensor?
  7. 100% a G4, I've had it for the last 2 years. it was originally installed in my 02 STI. Also had a look RE Flex fuel and the Zeitronix kit had 2 Analogue outputs for fuel % and temperature, so I will just grab one of those
  8. Hey guys, First time I'm attempting wiring inputs and switches into my ECU so i just have a few questions to ensure I'm on the right track.. I have a Link G4 and I've purchased the XS loom for some additional inputs. I have 2 switches - Antilag and Rotational Idle. From what I have read I can switch those to ground and into the 2 digital inputs I have on the XS loom - DI 7 & 8? Then just assign the input to each switch - Antilag arming etc then TP % and RPM to engage. I will also be running a Link MAP4 sensor - so can I just power th
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