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  1. Thank you guys ,

    I agree its the it could be the rate ,but do u have a suggestion to make it work ,maybe there is s module that would calculate it ,,,


    1 hour ago, Adamw said:

    Although I agree with Steve's comment that you are not likely going to get anything useful from logging a cyl pressure transducer that is not referenced to engine position, I still dont see any reason why you cant log it.  Since you say it reports zero after 2000RPM, I suspect maybe your error low/high fault settings are tripping?

    Adamw ,

    Im using it to monitor the changes in the cylinder also its really useful for ignition mapping ,as im a part of a team here in jordan working on a new engine tecnology as we are monitring the combustion before and after using link ecu 

  2. hi ,

    Im trying to log my cylinder pressure during ignition and how my tune if effecting the ignition pressure 

    i have connected an analog in  cylinder pizo sensor with 0-5v output  connected to my link analog input and i have set the calibration table as provided by the manufacturer 

    till 2000r pm the pressure is shown and it seems logical but after 2000 rpm it 0 

    any ideas on how to log the in cylinder pressor til 7000 rpm



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