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  1. Hi there, Maybe you have some insight in this. I see knock trim while the noise is not exceeding the threshold. In the attached example you see that cyl 5 does exceed the threshold but all cylinders show a trim. You guy's have some insight on this? An other question, while im at it: on a warm start(ECT:90C) the engine is running lean for a short period of time(2 mins) which is normal. Is there any way to compensate for this? Thanks a lot! Kind regards
  2. @Adamw Do you have the information to get the ABS going on my 350Z? Kind regards, Vincent
  3. skeruno

    350z dual wideband

    Yes i was thinking about that but with just 1 rewire i will achieve the same result without any purchase. If the rewire does not does the trick i will go the CAN way. Thanks for your reply! Kind regards, Vincent
  4. skeruno

    350z dual wideband

    Thank you! I will rewire the maf one and use that. Vincent
  5. skeruno

    350z dual wideband

    Hi there! Is there a way to feed 2 wideband signals into the 350ZLINK? Currently i use the expansion loom for 1 5 volt input (AN volt 8). But i see on the wideband controller(Innovate DLG-1) that the banks differ a lot. I see the software on the ecu supports it but i see no other 5 volt input. You guy's have any idea? Kind regards, Vincent
  6. skeruno

    vq35de vvt

    Hi there, just reporting back: it fixed it! Thanks a lot for the super support! Kind regards, Vincent
  7. skeruno

    vq35de vvt

    Thanks a lot Adam! I will get in this today and report back. Regards, Vincent
  8. skeruno

    vq35de vvt

    Hi there! I always have gotten really great support here so i hoped some of you could help me out with the current issue at hand. Im working on a Nissan 350z with an G4+. The car is driving so i decided to check out all the settings and values once more. I found out that the vvt is not receiving any signal from trigger 2. The vq has a combined trigger signal with the POS and CPS. I have tries some, imho, logical changes but i seem to get a signal error from the solenoids. Some of you here know whats going on? What am i doing wrong? Hope you can help me out.
  9. Hi there! I wanted to report back, it seemed that the timing caused by the traction control(which i by accident left unconfigured) was the culprit. Car runs fine currenlty! Really thanks a lot for the super input! Kind regards
  10. Hi there! Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate your help a lot. i have done the TPS calibration a couple of times while starting on this car. I will do this again just to make sure its right. For as far as the traction control: i have to say i really forgot about this. I had the traction lights on and tried to get them off. So i set traction control to on but never got the change to fill in any data correctly. I will turn traction control off and give it a go later today when i am in my shop. Realy thanks a lot and i will report back asap! Kind
  11. Hi there, I hope you guys can help me out with the problem i'm facing and i dont seem to be able to figure it out. Im working on getting the tune on the car. but when i starting driving on the car i found out that the car stalls while driving and the clutch is pressed. What am i overlooking? With this postthe file and the logs in where the car stalls 2 times. Hope you can help me out! Kind regards! Log 2018-07-13 12;44;03 pm.llg 350 coupe new 13-07-2018001.pclr
  12. Hi there! Thanks for your reply! I will look into the pulse adders. Thanks for pointing those out! The flat fuel table is just to get the engine to start and this was the ballpark figure. I will indeed need to add sensible data. I was afraid the oscillating i had in the other car came back so i asked for help. for now i will stick to traditional. I was curious how the calculation of the right amount of fuel was calculated without entering the fuel pressure. And indeed i was holding my foot on the AP just a litle bit. i will update the idle base table until the foot
  13. Hi there, I joined a couple of days ago and after seeing other people getting great help i decided to post my current challenge. I switched ECU from Haltech to Link on a previous car of mine. Car ran fine with the exception of oscillating rpm's during idle. Never found the time to fix it . Now i have another car, also a Nissan 350z with a new build on it, and using the same Link ECU. I created a new map which currently is still bare but just enough to start up. Right after startup i see the same oscillating coming back. Maybe you guy's know whats going on? I have the assumpti
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