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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, after less than a year the o2 sensor that came with the AEM 40-4110 stopped to work properly. Doing some research I discovered that most likely it was because I had it wired on the ignition on and when the car is not running the sensor heater was always on and it could shorter the sensor lifetime. To avoid this problem on the future I found 2 options: 1) Using the Link Can that has the power to manager it; 2) Wiring a relay on a GP Output to power the sensor only after the engine is running; I ended picking the AEM X 30-0300 to use it over can. The choice of the AEM X ins
  2. I would like to see a pre-configuration for the Zeitronix WideBand Gauges: http://www.zeitronix.com/ The Z3-2 and the Zt-3 (which are basically the same device).
  3. Hi Guys, i'm in the process of deciding which Wideband sensor and Lambda controller to buy and read a previous post in the G4 forum saying the Spartan 2 controller was a good budget option. At under $200AUD delivered it sounds like the way to go. Does anyone know if it will connect fine into the E36 PNP ECU for the M50TU motor? I figured if it connects into the G4, it should connect into the G4 plus. But wanted to confirm this before I bite the bullet and purchase the ECU and wideband for my turbo build. Sensor and controller: https://www.14point7.com/products/spartan-lambda-controll
  4. I have been doing research and I can't find anything on it. So I need to figure out how to wire an aem wideband 02 in my link g4+ ecu to make it a closed loop. I honestly don't know squat about wiring. I was talking to my tuner and he was telling me that I needed to find an open av port. I'm telling myself that I have no idea what that is. The vehicle that I own and am working on is a 2004 evo. I have been searching for hours and I am just stumped. The videos that I have seen don't do justice either. I just really need help with this. Thank you for your time on reading this.
  5. Hi! I have WRXLink (7-9) and it feels like the boost controller doesnt work. do I have the right channel? (aux 6) Also Im having some trouble calibrating the input for wideband lambda. which cal table should I use? And is Lambda 1 correct setup for a wideband lambda?
  6. I've had an E36 with a 5.7 LS1 in it for about a month now (terrific fun, I'm not dead yet either!) Got a few questions pertaining to the management- it runs a Link G4 Storm. It looks like it was setup by someone who possibly had an inkling of what they were doing, but... at the same time, it wasn't very well done. Niggles are as follows... 1) no Lamdas or wideband fitted. I'd like to fit a wideband setup- what's recommended for an LS1? 2) the tacho, when connected, was jumping all over the show. I'd like to think this was because I was trailing the wire right over the HT leads at the time, ca
  7. I have a g4+ almost ready to go into the car. I am planning out how to run the wires and I purchased a male connector that will fit directly into the supplied "wideband' 4 pin female end on the ecu. I just can't find which pins correspond to which wires for the wideband. Does anyone have a diagram of this?
  8. I can't seem to get the heater to heat. It just bomb out with a Heater took to long Error. I double checked the wiring and continuity tested it. Tried 2 Fury's and both error after a calibration period.. One did get to about 15 degrees and stop the other did nothing. IS there a hidden turn on heater option I'm missing? The second plug has power and both grounds connected and checked. I also checked 2 sensors, both did the same. Lyndon.
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