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Found 13 results

  1. In need of base map.. 1nz coil on plug 1250cc injectors BC 264 cams Single turbo Link 4 bar map Link g4+ Xtreme
  2. Just looking for some guidance on a base map for the car. In a week or 2 I will be installing x6 2jzgte VVTI coils on my NA-T . It's 2jzge-t currently with a distributor, has single turbo I will be using cam sensor trigger kit and Gte oil pump with crank sensor with 2JZGTE crank gear, latest-edit.pclr
  3. Hey guys. got 3 aem x series gauges I want the ecu to be able to read - boost, oil pressure and afr. My ecu only has 1 expansion GND slots for each expansion slot - I need to wire in my afr gauge output (aem white and brown) to the ecu. can I double up one ground pin or could this cause interference? cheers
  4. H i have a supra (na non vvti) I purchased link ecu, a plug-in for 2jz. Cranking works but does not start. I'm looking for someone to give me a base map for 2jz ge non vvti to start up or tell me about the settings. Linkecu beginners give me a little help. Thank you.
  5. Greetings, Kindly requesting help in connecting vvti to link monsoon, and a base map for 2jz ge vvti if possible, addtionally how can I test if the coil is rising edge of falling edge. Thank you
  6. 2jz vvti - Link ECU storm Cant seem to get trigger 2 cam polarity working right... Everything worked out of the box under the 1jz vvti trigger settings locked at 10 degree btdc offset 200 trigger 2 offset 170 Starts and idles great but trigger 2 signal is inverted and possibly causing my rpm limit issues at 5k rpm After switching the polarity to trigger 2 the signal is flipped in the right direction but the signal is all out of wack and can get it running. Back story: after 1st RPM limit error we noticed cps sensor was out of range so replaced that with a new one. Also for good measure, reran shielded wiring from both crank and cam sensors back to ecu. Waiting for new cam senor to arrive, just wanted to reach out for any advice. Thanks! Here are some files to help first pull rpm cut.llg
  7. just bought a link ecu g4+ and was going through start up guide. MY build is 2jzge- turbo Supra JDM 1993 , map sensor calibrated, tps not calibrated (wiring issues). when i crank the engine there is no spark from main coil going to distributor cap. Originally running a piggyback system with the Aristo 2JZGTE ecu which was running fine, unplugged earlier today, current ignition module is rewired to work with distributor because the 2jzGTE uses COP instead of distributor (old setup). In the ignition settings neither direct spark or distributor have any spark. also unsure about what trigger setup to use, when cranking trigger signal status 1 is on/active Was previously running fine before installing new ecu
  8. Hi Guys, i have a 2JZ-GTE swapped Altezza running a Link G4+ Fury and i am looking to run an MR2 electric power steering pump. i have talked to my certifier and he will not allow it to be directly plugged into a power supply as it must go through a 'controller' so that the pump is in a 'controlled environment'. which after some reading is it possible to use my Fury to control this in any way? obviously my gearbox speed sensor is plugged into the ecu aswell as my seperate sensors on my wheels, would the link fury pick this up and be able to control the pump? hopefully this helps. Cheers Mike
  9. Hello Guys, Im new to the Forum I got couple questions for the PRO's In this room > I have a 2JZ VVTI Customized Engine ( A to Z ) 3.4 L I have 2 MAPS im going to attach, Both are working perfect, Lucky for the 2jz vvti Car owners, They can use my map's ( Im Not responsible about any damage to you car ) Ok I tuned my car in 2 different Engineers And im not sure which one is right, both tuned the car Ignition and fuel table, I need to make sure the value's Of the Ignition and fuel are correct. I have the following setup 750 cc Bosh Injectors with 4 Bar Fuel Pressure Single Turbo dual bearing set at 1.8 BAR starts @ 2500 RPM Using 98 Octane Fuel Off course the biggest intercooler , AKS dump valve , External WAsteGate, MONSON ECU Appreciate Your thoughts and advice the car is running great but not perfect, i know there is something wrong with the ignition and fuel Holding the car power back, i know i can get much more power Of such engine I set my AFR to 13.7 2jz-1.pclr 2jz-1-extreme.pclr
  10. i am looking for a ecu to run my 1998 lexus gs300 with automatic transmission and has the 2jzge vvt-i fitted. i have turbo'ed this engine using a gt35 turbo and i am going to be forging it and running stage 3 brian crower cams so i need an ecu that will run a 2jz with vvt-i and a auto gearbox if anyone can give any guidance, thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm using i88 on single turbo 2jz with GM LS3 DBW TB and couldn't find the right balance with the E throttle setup.. I've tried the parameters that are written on specific e throttle applications section (GM TB) but still having issues with both calibration and idle.. My question is: does anybody have setup parameters for ACDelco 217-3153 GM LS3 DBW TB? Needed settings are: FrequencyDeadbandProportional GainIntegral GainDerivative GainMax ClampMin ClampThank you..
  12. Wael habboub


    Hi, regarding the wiring of 2jz is there start I should do to make my loom. I have furry with two looms. To plan my wiring loom kindly I need ur advice
  13. Been trying to get my friends 2jzge hilux going has a link atom ive wired trig 1 to NE Trig 2 to G1 and both grounds to G- is this correct?, has spark to distributor cap but nothing to plugs first time use of a link ecu all other sensors are working as awell as injectors dizzy wiring.docx
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