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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I recently bought a built lancer evo 3 with a Link G4 pnp ecu. I discovered an issue where I assume the ecu power cuts on wot. I'm assuming its something in the stock harness but I haven't gone through it yet so i might be wrong. Now this issue doesn't show up until the car has been running for a few minutes. The car works just fine for about ~10 minutes after starting the engine, and it also works fine after restarting the car mid run. I'm new to this but i managed to log some data and I had a friend ride with me while it was happening and it's not showing any fault codes so I have no idea where to start to be honest. As I mentioned earlier it probably has something to do with the stock harness being 20 years old but you never know. The engine is good for about 500hp and it runs great when it wants to. Has someone ever encountered this before? Ill attatch the tune and the log where the power cut or whatever it is happens. starts at ~6:20 min into the log https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9k9ga1ejm1ifhr6/AADC93Cv3KZ_wVIGa_qwjSL8a?dl=0 <-tune and logs Specs: CP pistons Eagle rods Bc valve springs BC 272 cam Fic injectors 1200cc New oil pump and water pump Athena headgasket Arp bolts Aeromotive fpr Tial 44mm wg Jrm dump (woosh) Acl bearings Garett 3076bbr
  2. Hey guys, Just trying to fine tune my trigger setup on a 4G63T engine, late model evo 5 setup. I've purchased an aftermarket Kiggly crank trigger wheel, 12 tooth that runs off a standard mitsi hall sensor. Really nice piece of kit. My questions are directed at the cam sensor side of things. I have read that a crank sensor with a missing tooth arragement can be better, as the cam sensor tooth location is less important, but I don't really want to be hacking off a tooth from the new crank wheel. The standard mitsi Cam sensor is also a hall sensor, and the pickup has one large, and one small vane on it, as so: I will obviously be removing one of these vanes all together, but my question is which one and how much? Is there an ideal crank location for the cam pickup to be in? i.e 60 crank degrees either side of TDC. And tooth size on the modified vane can only be as small as the Hall sensor magnet? Or is tooth size irrelevant as it is only worried about leading edge? Obviously I dont have 360 degrees of choice to modifying this particular cam pickup, but I would like to put some thought into it. I.e I can flip the whole pickup 180deg if that allowed me to place a vane in a more desirable postion etc etc Cheers Ian
  3. Hello, I've installed the furyx into my 2g dsm and I'm having issues with cylinders 1&2 not firing, it runs very poorly on cylinders 3&4 only. Setup: Denso COP wired for direct spark, sequential fuel injection, kiggly 12 tooth crank sensor, 1g dsm CAS with one of the optical slots blocked (see trigger scope attached). Checks: I've verified wiring to correct cylinders for ignition coils and injectors using a timing light and LED strip light, mechanical timing, weak coil(s) or cracked spark plug(s), verified compression.. and finally, trigger settings (see current settings attached). Maybe I've missed a thread on this but I am wondering how to determine the sync tooth under trigger 1 parameters? With the 12 tooth trigger do I consider the tooth after TDC as #1 and count from there comparing to the cam sensor until the cam sensor is about to trigger and its the following tooth? Can the count be determined from the trigger scope? Also to double check, firing order should be set to 1342, correct? Thanks in advance! TriggerScopeLog4_18_21.llgx PC Datalog - 2021-04-18 1;09;03 pm.llgx
  4. Hi! We have Link Evo 8 PnP and Evo 8 4g63 with kiggly racing 12 tooth trigger. And we have problems with engine start. Pops and bangs but no idle. We made trigger settings and offset calibration with timing light. We tried different settings (i.e. Rising edge on Trigger 2, because it is more centered between Trigger 1 Falling edges) We saw the strange thing - in direct spark mode timing light blinks every crank rev (2 times per cam rev). In wasted spark mode it blinks twice as often. I think here is the problem, but I don't understand why it happens. Trigger scopes and cranking log in attachment. Kiggly Cranking log.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-06-18 10;19;42 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-06-18 4;39;22 pm.llg
  5. Hello! I´ve been having issues with my idle on my 4g63 (eclipse 1993) So I´ve been working with the ISC on closed loop, I have the RPM lockout higher than my targets and for the most part it seems fine however every once in a while it falls under 800rpm and normally stalls if I dont hit the gas pedal, I´ve changed all the setting the AFR is stable doesnt fluctuate however it always seems to have the same problem. the logs are atatched the stall is almost at the end idle stall.llg
  6. Hi All In the middle of a bit of a flavorsome project - I am working on a 4WD Lancer GSR thats had a 4G63T swap done to it. The car had a factory ECU and a Microtech piggyback in it until which looked like it was a pretty reasonable setup for back when it went in, but leaves a lot to be desired now. I am working on wiring in a G4+ Extreme at present and have a few questions which I want to ask to possibly simplify my job. There are lots of sensors various fruit going in along with the new ECU. One thing thats being done is an upgrade to a set of Evo 7 OEM coil packs. Am I right in assuming that the J722T Igniter Module is now no longer necessary? I am just running power and ground to the new coils and a signal wire direct from the ECU? Secondly, I have a massive chunky double-relay which was situated down the bottom-left of the center console which I believe is the Multiport Fuel Injection Relay... The owner recently replaced the unit at great expense (due to the car failing to start and audible noise directing him to the issue). I should be fine to delete this yes? The fuel pump has already been separated and given its own relay which can be triggered by the ECU, which means that if I just add another standard relay in for the injectors, the MFI Relay will no longer be necessary correct? Does it do anything else im missing? I have plenty of spare ignition channels so I dont see any issues here, but my knowledge has many holes in it. Also more than happy to hear of any other hurdles I am likely to hit with this particular build if anyone wants to chime in! Cheers
  7. Sheik

    Evo Thunder Wiring

    TL;DR - Doing a Patch Harness for a Thunder ECU to a 3Plug Evo8MR. Wanting some clarification on parts of the project and some of the translation between the existing Plugin ECU and the Thunder. So I am going to be asking a lot of questions here... Some of them probably deserve their own threads but the list has got too long to split it all up. For this reason, if anyone can comment on any specific part of this post and not the other please feel free to do so and do not feel like you have to answer the whole thing. Also no posting "take it to a shop". This is my hobby so I do enjoy it and don’t mind the time investment. For some background, I have an Evo8 MR which I have installed a G4+ Plugin unit into and tuned myself. It is running great and the whole experience with the software and hardware has been great. With the knowledge in mind of what I plan to do with the car at a later date, I have also since purchased a G4+ Thunder which I am a fairly long way down the rabbit hole of creating and installing via a Patch Harness to connect it to the existing ECU loom plus a Deutsch HD30 bulkhead plug to handle the extra bits. Fun times! However, I am at the stage where I have finished accumulating most of my parts and wire. The majority of my questions have come about from my time spent developing the wiring diagram for this to all work. My wiring diagram has been based of the cross-referencing of dozens of documents, including the thunder diagrams, pinout guides for the G4+ plugin, along with a couple of community created diagrams which I confirmed via the actual electrical manual. Between your G4+ pinout guide and these diagrams, I can see that there are a number of seemingly important pins which you guys do not reference in your pinout diagrams. Some of these are evidently omitted because they dont "appear" within the ECU and thus nobody would need to test or manage them (ie. 5v ground, 12v backup wires). But there is a small clump of others which have no reference or explanation that I would love to get some information on if there is anyone holding such knowledge. The one thing I am hoping is not the case is that the information is omitted because its be controlled 'behind the scenes' and/or proprietary because I will have no way of duplicating the function on the Thunder unit. Thus shooting my "if the plugin can do it, surely this monster can!?" theory right out the window... Furthermore for those of you playing at home, I have a JDM 3plug ECU harness just so you know what diagrams I am looking at. And with that we have the pinout list and the actual questions: Pin 5 - Secondary Air Control Solenoid Valve (Not here to get flamed about still having this installed) - No reference anywhere in pinouts - has a listed pin function of Aux - Ignition 6 - Cant find where it is used/activated on the basemap!?!? Pin 16 - Purge Control Solenoid Valve. This one is referenced on Pin Function Aux Ign 6, but is referenced as Pin 4 on the Pinouts sheet?! I cant find a single wiring diagram that says its located on Pin 4. Again, this isn't referenced by any controls or tables on the basemap. Pin 8 and 52 - These refer to 'Alternator G' and 'Alternator FR' respectively - No reference anywhere in Pinouts OR pin functions. Could not really find much other than speculation about what it did online either. Would love some definitive info here. I would also appreciate some guidance on how to handle main relay wiring using this patch harness technique. My understanding is that the Thunder has its own "Main Relay" so I will need to somehow trigger the existing one. If I can get some tips on how to go about that it would be great! This is one of those things I wouldn't go 'guessing' with as it could blow/melt things if I get it wrong. Will involve a lot of extra reading if someone cant answer this one for me... If anyone can clarify on any of these points it would be awesome - but I am also looking for any overlooked road blocks with this transplant if anyone can flag them. I never really imagined that the Thunder wouldn't work when the Plugin would, but finding these few things that are under the radar, I am asking the question first before I get any deeper. Thanks in advance!
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