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Found 3 results

  1. Car : Audi TT quattro 1.8 turbo year 2000 (mfg 1999-09-20) with APX engine. Issue : With the engine running you can turn the ignition key to off position (and remove it from the ignition lock if you want) and the engine and all lights are still running. Pretty sure "brake + clutch drop in gear" is not going to cut it as the go-to solution for the customer. Is this a known issue? The car and engine is completely standard/stock, and with the original ECU this does not happen.
  2. HI, i have installed link thunder into 2007 audi s4 b7 8e with 2.7tt swapped in to it. I have it all almost working for exception of abs/esp lights still on. Link thunder show canbus stuff error . On ABS8.0 module side im showing powertrain implausible signal. So we do have communication between link thunder and ABS module. All my gauges work, link thunder sees abs sensor data. My abs module also sees data from link thunder. Went thru all vcds measuring blocks for abs and i dont have data stream for engine torque it always shows 0. Measuring block 014 field 1 has error2 field 2 error14. Every other parameter identical to car running factory ecu. I got no problems getting a canbus sniffer tool, i just cannot sniff out factory engine ecu because i dont have factory harness or ecu at this point. So how likely is my abs/esp fault due to no engine torque data and what can i do about it? thank you Serge
  3. Hi Scott, On my AUDI TT year 99 with G4TT i have a big problem. ABS & ASR LIGHT ALWAYS ON. I try to set VW GOLF GTI CAN BUS setting but without any positive effect. Can you help me to try to resolve this issue? I know that TT '99 have different canbus from '00, but i think that exist a solution. I have canbus scanner and all hardware for follow your help. Thanks a lot.
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