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Found 7 results

  1. Bunchy1995

    VH45 Base Map

    Hi All. Is there anyone that has a base fuel and ignition maps for a VH45, just need something to fill in the tables before i put it on the dyno and get it tuned (need maps to get the car idling nicely) If it helps, here is the setup. Cheers
  2. Hey Guys, hopefully have this post in the right spot... but am Currently have my 4age 20v wired up to a G4+ link monsoon with COP setup. And am after a base map tune that will be able to start and successfully run the engine until I can get it properly tuned. Any help will be appreciated! Cheers, Kurt
  3. 2jzgte vvti aristo motor with a G4+ Kurofune Hey new guy over here. Can anyone help me out with a base map? Stock or with the mods listed. Preferably with the mods! Thanks in advance. Email is calvinjroa@gmail.com Borg s366 BC 264 cams 1000cc FIC injectors 93 octane
  4. Hi, was wondering if anyone had a base map for a Honda Civic turbo b18c4 engine code. It’s running 630cc injectors just need a base map until I go to a tuner. Thanks
  5. hi all I have a link G4+ storm Ecu and I have put a 1jz vvti into my Lexus IS200. Could anyone help with a base map for timing and fuel. All is standard setup. Many thanks!!
  6. Hey Guys, I recently finished swapping a VR6 engine into my S4 and was able to successfully start and run the engine. While I was going through my second heat cycle and getting ready to drive the car out of the garage i noticed a rear main leak which brought the project to a temporary stop. I am getting ready to pull the engine now to fix the leak and wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone had a base-map for a VR6 engine. although my engine was running i noticed my ignition table seemed to advancing the spark too much for its given ECT (in the range of 20Deg BTDC) causing a high idle, poor reving, and bad throttle response. I am sure I can adjust the ignition tables (and others) to get it to work but I was hoping to bypass the unwanted run/idle time associated with tuning these basic parameters. Ultimately i want to fix my oil leak, start it up, and break in my engine with a decent chance of success and not have to worry about backfiring, nock, poor driveability etc. Thanks!
  7. beshr

    Base map

    hello everybody please can you help me i have link G4+ and the engine is "Yamaha YZF-R6 2009" i want base map for it, because i searched for it and i didn't found any thing can you tell my where i can fiend the base map ? thank you all
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