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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all Attached my tun file and 4 log files Tried after lots of reading and downloading lots of logs and tun files from others to set a good start point, I think I've made it, can you please check My only issue now is that if I increase only 5% the wastegate dc, it overshoots at 1.7-1.8 although with 55% it goes at 1.3-1.4 steadily. Also in general, the point is to "fabricate" as higher boost as possible with the help of the stages at lower rpm and to lower the dc at higher rpm, so decrease the boost at higher gears?? My next step will be to set boost by gears this is why I
  2. 2shayZ

    2JZ G4+ pin help

    Hi, I did a search and cant find exactly my questions. Car is 95 Supra with G4+ pnp and i know the pin out that will be used. Due to the border being closed to my regular tuner and no one close by open, I need to pin my new sensors to ecu plug myself. I have AEM fuel pressure, AEM fuel pressure, AEM map sensor, flex fuel sensor, and need to pin in my AEM electronic boost control. All of which have pig tail supplies from the sensor, just need to pin in the ecu side of the connection. Where do I find the pins to buy for this plug? Which crimp tool is preferred? Any
  3. Hey Guys, currently running a 7PSI Spring in my external wastegate and have purchased an aditional 5PSI spring i'd like to add. My tuner is no longer available and im not sure what I need to change in PCLink in regards to my boost solenoid (or anything else for that matter) to warrant the increase of boost to 12PSI. Can anyone shed some light? 99 Nissan Silvia S15 G4+ plug in
  4. I have open loop boost control setup. two duty cycle tables with a DI switching between them. I want to only run the high boost table when the DI switch is on AND in 3rd gear and above. Is it possible to use boost per gear trim for this or is there some way to combine the DI and gear as the logic to switch to the high boost DC table.
  5. Hi! I have WRXLink (7-9) and it feels like the boost controller doesnt work. do I have the right channel? (aux 6) Also Im having some trouble calibrating the input for wideband lambda. which cal table should I use? And is Lambda 1 correct setup for a wideband lambda?
  6. Good morning: I can put in the third Boost Control wastegate table with the same digital? if so, how?
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