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Found 24 results

  1. Quick question, is there anyway to customise the existing Transmit generic dash CAN data? I have an AIM MXS dash connected via CAN using the Transmit generic CAN data option. The stream inlcudes several parameters that arent applicable in a rotary engined application, can I change these and make use of DI channels? This would provide me more useable functions in the way of dash alarm functions. I've read the help files and noticed I could compile a user defined CAN format but was hoping this could be avoided by modifying the existing ones.
  2. Hello there again, I was playing with AEM's CAN gauge (30-0312) as at the end I want that to display the lambda values from the Link CAN Lambda (which is on the way home) and potentially an other one to display EGT. Unfortunately the gauge itself is not customizable by means of specifying what ID or frame structure to use, but it has a big bunch of AEM specific message types preset. I was able to configure the G4X to send the IAT and ECT and those were displayed correctly, however the Infinity user guide states a scaling like this for the lambda vale: 0.00390625 Lambda/bit. Ther
  3. G'day all, Playing around setting up my FuryX and MXG Strada dash, and trying to understand the full canbus stream. There seems to be plenty of items I won't be using, and plenty not there that I would like to use. Is there a way of adding additional items into the stream to be read from the dash? For example, I want to put the cruise control status and set speed on there, plus traction control status. The help file doesn't really go into detail with this (probably because it's a can-bus of worms). Is there a way to adjust the data stream? Or are there more values in the stream
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with a Kms can display wired to my G4+ ecu. The display won't receive/show any data. I wired the Kms can display with the Can to dash cable to my ecu. Can high(white wire) and Can low (green wire) the other cables from the dash cable aren't connected. 12v and gnd for the display separately. I followed the steps in the ecu help to set it up in the Can settings menu(set id, transmit to kms can display and so on) As I heard are there problems with the Can to dash cable so i shortened the cable to about 200mm but the display doesn't work and there are no
  5. cappo_nz

    AtomX CAN Error

    Hi all I have recently received an AtomX and I'm trying to set up an arduino based CAN device to send messages to the ECU. The issue I'm having at the moment is an error when I try to find devices in the CAN Setup menu, I get an error for "CAN Bridge Failed - Check ECU Firmware". I updated my firmware last night to the latest available. Any ideas on why this is happening? I have checked that there is a 120ohm resistor at the end of my CAN lines, and my output messages appear to be configured correctly.
  6. Hi guys, I setup9 temp sensors reading exhaust, gearbox, diff... And i want to send this data to the link ecu through can bus i already got the can bus shield for arduino, also if there any other way to read them in the link ecu and log those values i am welcoming suggestions as wwellanything other then canbus Has anyone done this before that can shed some light on it? Kind regards
  7. Hi guys, i connected an HC-06 to RS232 RX-TX on my e36+ PNP but couldn't connect to it on pc link does anyone know what voltage does RX-TX of the can 1 work on and is it possible to connect to pc link through that , should i change any parameters on the ECU ? as i understood that that can port can be used for tunning but it dosen't seem to work with me any help is appreciated, i had experience on this before on megasquirt1-2-3 and it was quite straight forward connect the pins and it ran directly so i know the bleutooth module is working correctly and it is setup at
  8. Hi I am wanting to to use this ECU Master Can Switch Board in conjunction with a Link G4+ Fury ECU. switchboardManual.pdf Will the messages sent by it be able to be read by the ECU. I am wanting to use it for pitlane limiter, traction control disable, ALS, launch control, etc with rotary potentiometers to adjust boost levels, traction control slip, DBW sensitivity, etc.
  9. Hi, I appreciate this may have come up before, but I approached KMS to see if their unit would work with the V Series. After some emails as below, it appears Link have the CAN files but it doesn't work with the V Series only the I Series...is this correct? Could a firmware/software update provide the corrected CAN data? Hi, The question was asked some time ago, and it looks as though your unit isn't compatible with the V Series. http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/1852-vipec-v88-kms-can-display/ Is it possible to talk to Link to see if there is a way to make the unit work with the V Ser
  10. Hoping i could get some clarification on the following, currently in the process of wiring a g4+ fury, aim strada 1.2 dash and LS1 coils 1st query is on the signal ground for the LS1 coils, can i wire the signal ground and the power ground both to the engine block? as per picture? Not sure if the sensor ground is required to pass back into the ecu 2nd query is on the aim strada can wiring on the aim wiring i have can 1+ and can 1-, can i wire these into can 2 l and can 2 h on the b plug and program to talk with the can setup in g4+ software? i figu
  11. I’m setting up my NS13+ in my S14 and wondering what type of wideband Lambda controller to run. I want a gauge. Can I run a gauge from either the Link CAN Lambda controller or one of the outputs from the ECU? or is it best to run something like a Innovate or AEM gauge with a analog input into the Link?
  12. Hello i have link extrem G4+ and i cant make the configuration to make my ecu read the dash i only used the file coming with the dash ( default black linkg4+.aemcd7). To conect. And it worked fine but i need to add new channels to the dash link fuel lvl methanol tank indecator, flex fule %, fuel temp, lunch control status, antilag status, E-boost map Status I cant add them to the default file so i need help to add the new channels all of them connected and working on the ecu software but i cant send them to the dash
  13. Hello chaps I’m having some issues connecting my extreme ecu with my race technology dash 2 display. I have the link canser lead so I can connect the ecu into my laptop and open the PC link software, change the CAN settings and apply the settings to transmit to my Dash 2. I also have a Race technology CAN interface lead which is Pre programmed for the Link G4+ ecu’s. So when I connect the Canser lead in and connect to the RT CAN interface lead it won’t connect to my ecu or dash 2. So I’m assuming that the serial connector on the canser and the serial connector pins don’t
  14. DSORDA

    Fury CAN issue

    Hey Guys, Just having a wee issue setting up some CAN settings between the Fury, AIM MXL dash, Motec PDM and keypad. I've previously had the Fury and the Dash working faultlessly, and only started acting up when the new settings were put in for the PDM and keypad, so something is conflicting. The keypad works fine, and all the keypresses are working accordingly to activate boost tables, antilag etc etc. The issue is, the Dash will not display live data any more. It will merely display a 'snipit' of the data upon power-up, and stay at that value unchanged. Th
  15. Hey guys, Going to be running a Motec PDM15 in my car and toying with the idea of a CAN keypad for the PDM. I would be looking to use the keypad for activation of the usual things, like hi/low boost, antilag etc, and curious how I would configure the system arming in my Fury ecu, since the keypad is over CAN. Antilag for example.. is it simply a case of setting the system arming to say DI4, and the respective key on the keypad to CAN DI4? Or can't these funtions be armed over the CAN network? Cheers Ian
  16. Hi All, long time reader, first time poster.. I have an older Xtreme Red G4+ ecu which im wiring into my s14 which has a JZX110 1jz vvti in it. Now i have an issue with connecting to my AIM dash via CAN using the communication port while laptop is connected via the USB port. Basically its either one or the other.. i cannot have both connected at the same time as PClink will disconnect if i connect the AIM dash. Any suggestions? secondly.. does anyone have any wiring info on the JZX110 E throttle plugs and pinouts? Cheers Simon
  17. Hi all, My question seems somewhat basic compared to some of the other things I have read but it is still kicking my a** so I need help. I have a G4+ PnP in my Evo 8. It is running the Link CAN Lambda module and I am also running a PLEX SDM-300 screen. Ever since I had the car tuned, I have had dramas with it missing and stuff and we've logged data and found little bits and pieces but now we are seeing random spikes in the RPM between 10,000 & 20,000 which is causing it cut ignition and pull timing etc. Trying to be thorough I decided to check my Cam and Crank sensors, I pulled the co
  18. Hey all Currently on my CAN1 I have my lambda sensor which runs at 1mbit and on CAN2 I have my gaugeart, dash2pro and OBD2 port The problem I am having is that the gaugeart and dash2pro both run at 1mbit and the OBD2 at 500kb. If I set the CAN port to one or the other either the OBD2 doesn't work or the gaugeart/dash2pro doesn't work It is my understanding that having multiple devices on the CAN slows the speed down, I am therefore reluctant to put the gaugeart and dash2pro no the CAN1 as I want the lambda to be running as fast as possible without chance of slowdown. My question is, could
  19. Hi all just need a bit of advice and guidance please. I have recently purchased the Link G4+ storm for my '95 Celica GT4 ST205 on the advice of some members and admin. I am going to be buying a new android head unit for the car so I can get some apps to view gauges e.g.Torque. Now seeing as the car only has OBD1 capabilities and having read that you can configure the CAN BUS to have an OBD2 output I was thinking what would would; 1) be a good android head unit e.g. Pumpkin head unit as they use Bluetooth and wifi and relatively cheap. 2) what would be the best OBD2 reader/transmitter (Bluetoot
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm using the Vi-pec V44 ECU on my Arctic Cat 2017 M8000 with a Dakota Performance 920 Big Bore and a Blow turbo kit. It works great and freaking rocks. I also have a next stage gauge re-flash which allows me to display AFR and Boost pressure on the stock gauge and it also lets me pull up information like engine coolant temperature,intake air temp, and all kinds of other stuff. It works great with a stock ECU but its not communicating properly with the Vi-pec ECU so I talked with Stefan at Next Stage Gauge and he has a little CAN box that is very easy to install and will solve
  21. Adturb

    Plex uSDM interface

    I've seen the new uSDM online and it looks like a great display to replace my gauge setup without dominating the dashboard. Is the G4+ going to have CAN protocol in place to work with it?
  22. Hi All, After 8 months of my STi being off the road - finally got it back running a whole lot of new gear (Thanks to Matt Ashley for the Tune). Including the Link G4+. Prior to this I was running another ECU (Aut****) that connected the RS232+, RS232- and negative to an aux jack which went into the ECU. Now that I have the Link G4+ it has a separate CAN/RS232 pin out which you need an adapter for (purchased both CAN/RS232 ECU Adapter, Spare CAN plug and connected both). I have connected/wired the CAN H and CAN L to the AIM CAN + (to H) and CAN - (to L) as per instructions. Set the protocol up
  23. Looking for help G4+ Storm with AIM MXL dashReceived only G4 information not G4+ and it is now quite a differenceDash is sorted but needs the G4+ data set called "Generic"Used to be Called Generic Dash LCC fileG4+ needs a LCS fileCan anybody supply a LCS file for the G4+ please? If yes, please forward to Robbie robbie.thornton@gmail.com
  24. Hi Is it possible to receive more parameters via CAN? Currently there is only a few parameters that can be received Oil / Fuel Pressure and Lambda etc. It would be nice if we could send in temperature readings.
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