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Found 16 results

  1. I’ve recently gotten the LinkEcu version of the cangauge. I’ve wired it up correctly with the gauge sitting at the end of the bus with the terminator in place. In between the bus is a line connected to my instrument cluster which relies on 500k bitrate. (Previously my cluster sits at the end of the bus, directly wired to the ecu canbus CAN2) I cannot get either to work with the included instructions settings (transmit generic dash on channelX, ID56). Is there any way to change the gauge to accept 500k? When the gauge is connected and powered on, my cluster stops working. When I unplug the gauge, my cluster comes back to life. I’ve also tried removing the terminating resistor on the gauge, it still won’t work and my cluster also won’t work as long as the gauge is powered on and connected. Ecu is furyX. Currently using CAN2. Easy way would just be purchasing a ltw to dash connector and use CAN1 but I’m trying to avoid that for now.
  2. Evening guys, I have a G4+ plug in for my V1-2 WRX and am running a Haltech IC7 dash. The dash is wired via CAN from the Link G4+ and EVERYTHING works except for % ethanol. It shows the correct % ethanol on the G4+, but the IC7 will only show 0%. Currently have RPM, speed, oil pres, oil temp, coolant temp, IAT, lambda, etc. etc.... See attached configuration for CAN module 1 (the dash). I am running CAN lambda on CAN module 2. Any help would be appreciated!! Cheers, Mitch
  3. Hi, im new to this forum. Sorry if my post here have been discussed before but i couldn't found any that could guide me through. My problem is. Im running g4+ plug in for my 4g63 engine and i've installed a haltech racepak iq3 non logger dash through the CANBUS port within the ecu. If there is any setting for the can setup in the pc link or does anybody here had the same problem solved and get the racepak up and running? the racepak from haltec is running firmware 26 and also have haltech v2 can protocol in it. Thanks in advance! hope you guys could help me out.
  4. G'day all, Playing around setting up my FuryX and MXG Strada dash, and trying to understand the full canbus stream. There seems to be plenty of items I won't be using, and plenty not there that I would like to use. Is there a way of adding additional items into the stream to be read from the dash? For example, I want to put the cruise control status and set speed on there, plus traction control status. The help file doesn't really go into detail with this (probably because it's a can-bus of worms). Is there a way to adjust the data stream? Or are there more values in the stream (can aux outputs...???) that can be configured in race studio (not found a lot in there). The other way I could do this would be to completely rebuild the stream on both ends as a custom stream. Not the quickest way to do it, but would certainly remove the clutter and add the bits I want. I do find the lack of ability to customise the display on the MXG a bit annoying (maybe quite a bit annoying). AIM tells me this is because they have to make sure all displays work and are legal, however I'm not sure how this applies with varying legality requirements in various countries/jurisdictions? It would be nice to rearrange so I can get rid of things like the current gear, and add things like cruise mode icon in a corner above the cruise set speed... but no method for user configuration of the pages (beyond changing the value in the set location) is available. Yes there's pages with HEAPS of info available, but this becomes a clutter for normal driving (this is a street car... hence the street version of the dash). I guess some ability to adjust this would be nice. Can it be done with some rudimentary editing software (even an xml editor if it's built that way) Cheers, Owen
  5. Hi guys, I have a problem with a Kms can display wired to my G4+ ecu. The display won't receive/show any data. I wired the Kms can display with the Can to dash cable to my ecu. Can high(white wire) and Can low (green wire) the other cables from the dash cable aren't connected. 12v and gnd for the display separately. I followed the steps in the ecu help to set it up in the Can settings menu(set id, transmit to kms can display and so on) As I heard are there problems with the Can to dash cable so i shortened the cable to about 200mm but the display doesn't work and there are no instructions in the Kms manual. Do I miss something? Do I have to set up anything else then the help page says? NG
  6. Hi bear with me . It may have already been covered . But can’t find a topic on it. trying to keep the use of stock tacho . the bmw e60 uses CANBUS H & L for the clocks. I see on B LOOM it has CAN 2 H & CAN 2 L. is it a case of wiring can h and can l from bmw loom to output on link ?? any help or advice about it would be greatly appreciated .
  7. Hi guys, I setup9 temp sensors reading exhaust, gearbox, diff... And i want to send this data to the link ecu through can bus i already got the can bus shield for arduino, also if there any other way to read them in the link ecu and log those values i am welcoming suggestions as wwellanything other then canbus Has anyone done this before that can shed some light on it? Kind regards
  8. Hi I am wanting to to use this ECU Master Can Switch Board in conjunction with a Link G4+ Fury ECU. switchboardManual.pdf Will the messages sent by it be able to be read by the ECU. I am wanting to use it for pitlane limiter, traction control disable, ALS, launch control, etc with rotary potentiometers to adjust boost levels, traction control slip, DBW sensitivity, etc.
  9. Has anyone had a go at making this work with a G4+ ecu? X-SERIES AEMNET CAN BUS GAUGE
  10. Barrett_m3


    Hello, so let me first say, first time building a turbo car here, first standalone, and first time ever even hearing of CAN systems. I’ve done a decent amount of research, good amount of thread hunting here, but haven’t found the answer. Car is a 1995 bmw m3 s50b30 us spec. I have a plug and play g4+ ecu. Car is obd1 so I’m not sure if it has a CAN system? I have AEM x-series wideband, boost, and CAN guage, and I’m trying to tie the wideband and boost guage into the ecu CAN system, but The manual doesn’t show any CAN inputs. I’ve learned the “bus” theory, so would buying the CAN expansion harness and then tieing the gauges into the CAN +/- wires? Or do they need to go to inputs? I know the boost and wideband CAN wires are optional and don’t need to go to the ecu, so not the end of the world if I can’t integrate them with the ecu, but I’d really like to figure this CANBUS thing out. I would like to use the AEMNET CAN guage to look at water temps and oil temps and pressure, but I do not know if my cars factory sensors will communicate with the CAN out of the ecu to the guage. I haven’t hooked the ecu up to power yet because I’m lost on wiring all of this stuff up. I hope I don’t sound COMPLETELY new, but like I said I’m new here. Thank you for any help, Barrett.
  11. I am using AN8 to get Oil Temperature instead of a temp channel. This is because I'm sharing the sensor with a gauge, and the anvolt can have ext pull-up. I have a AIM Dash setup using the Generic Dash Stream. This is working great except The oil Temperature being sent is not the one I'm using. does anyone have the Canbus stream setup file for the generic dash config so i can change just the oil temperature? or any other ideas? Thanks Mark.
  12. Hi Team, Having an issue with setting up the microtech dash with the monsoon. I wired it up to the can H/L as per the instructions in the PCLink help, then connected to the ecu while the car was on accessory, setup it up with 'Transmit Microtech LTC Dash' as per the help, applied, and hit okay, and it displays the information as it should. So I stored to the ecu, and fired the car up and the information stops showing. If I apply the settings again while the car is running its fine until I turn the car off and back on. I've tried changing the CANBUS channel, triple checked the settings and wiring, tried storing to the ecu and disconnecting the laptop and usb cable from the ecu, checked the runtime values and can't see any issues. cheers Thomas
  13. Any pointers to a good 4/6 channel canbus EGT unit please. thanks
  14. The Nissan PnP's have a built in canbus resistor ( normally 1 for 1 end of the canbus trunk, so can we get away when just adding 1 item to the canbus without making a canbus trunk ended with resistor? Would make running the excellent Link cambus lambda a lot easier and quicker. Thanks
  15. We have an issue with a Link CANBUS Lambda I feel it is something with data-rate/communication as the Lambda unit needs connecting to battery 12v to make it work , connecting it to a ignition switched live stops the unit outputting any data ( no canbus faults shown in CAN F12) We are also using the same canbus trunk to run a Race Tech Dash and this works all the time and removing this item from the canbus set up does not allow the Lambda unit to work. We are using a Link Lambda unit on a Thunder ECU. car was designed to run a earlier Link ECU (Extreme) before the Thunder was released so we specced the car with a Link Canbus Lambda and not to use the Lambda set up to drive the LSU connected direct to the Thunder. Software sees the CANBUS unit in the CANBUS folder under CAN devices and with the unit connected to the battery we get data from the unit. We are using Firmware 3240 as when we built the map we couldn't get the motor to run using dual fuel maps turned on. We have since not used the dual maps in the tune but it will be needed at a later date ( Simon said there was a bug in the software with the latest firmware that prevent any injector output when dual maps are used as overlay) CAL file is attached Thanks ACORN PS13_V6 ECU BUILT ON THUNDER BASE NEW FIRMWARE_MAP 17 TEMP FINAL playing wth canbus.pclr
  16. Hi, I'm going to be using a TTLink (already purchased) with a new engine build and considering a 7 speed DSG gearbox conversion at the same time. The original ME7.5 can work with a DSG gearbox as the data required is available via CAN bus, I'm just wondering if torque/load, TPS and vehicle speed over the CAN bus? Any help appreciated! Sam
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