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Found 6 results

  1. Similar to DualMonocles no spark no ideas problem, Im not getting any spark under cranking. I get spark on the test feature, but none under cranking. All of the accessories work and continue to work under cranking, as does injection, just spark falls off once the starter activates. The injectors and ignition coils are on the same circuit using the same power source, so this is pretty confusing to me. One thing worth mentioning is that I have not 100% verified that the injectors work under cranking, but I can smell fuel so unless I have an unidentified fuel leak I'd have to say the injectors are working. The Ignition coils are grounded, have signal, and are receiving a consistent 11.8-12 volts. The only thing I could think of is that I have the Ignition coils ground with 2 relays so maybe this is causing interference? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
  2. So I've engine swapped a 3sge redtop beams into my 1996 toyota celica st204. I've modified the harness to work for the beams and now I just need to wire in the ecu. But, I don't know where to wire in most of the inputs, what category they fall into. Namely, I don't know the difference between Analogue Volt 1-4, Auxiliary Output 1-6 and Digital Input 1-4. The ecu will be getting the following things wired into it; oil pressure, rpm/crankshaft position, engine temp, 02 sensor, speed/mph, TPS, air intake temperature, air idle control valve, knock sensor, and a camshaft position sensor. I know the two position sensors would be Trigger 1 and 2, and the TPS sensor would go to +5v out and also I've read that the knock sensor should go to Digital Input 4, but I dont know about the rest. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I redtop beams swapped my celica and finally got it running, but only on one cylinder. At first I thought it was due to crappy wiring on my part but I've found that's not the problem. I've pretty much eliminated it to a fuel related problem, and I think my injectors are either broken or clogged, but I haven't fully tested them yet. The stock injectors for the beams are rated at 315cc/min. I happen to have some injectors from a N/A 2jz laying around and they flow 330cc/min. I was wondering if it would be worth it to swap these in instead of replacing/cleaning my stock beams injectors, if there would be any advantage to running these, and any major differences I would have to change in the ecu, which is a g4x monsoonx. Thanks. also, I believe it to be a fuel injector problem because it only runs on cylinder one, and the fuel input is closest to cylinder 4, but it doesn't fire on any cylinder but the farthest from the input, so all the injectors are receiving flow, but not putting it out.
  4. Can anyone tell me what knock level gains they used for each cylinder of a 3sgte when using a Bosch 2-wire knock sensor? I have everything else set up, but I would feel more sure about myself if I could verify the values that I came up with. I am a beginner in the tuning aspect of things, but very competent on the electrical and programming side of things. When dialing in the knock level gains, I am not confident that I am adjusting for the noisiest rpm of the motor or if it is actual knock. So I don't want to set my gains to low that a knock event doesn't surpass the threshold. Just for reference this is a Gen 2 3sgte (I will take any information from any revision 3sgte) and the knock sensor is a Bosch Motorsports KS4-P.
  5. Hi, I have a stock ST205 Celica with the G4+ plug in ECU. The air conditioning doesn't work properly with the G4+, though does when I use the OEM ECU. I haven't made any changes to the wiring, and don't plan to. This video explains the issue - https://youtu.be/bNhyJxdSKT8 Changing the pull up setting doesn't fix the issue. Please let me know what I should do.
  6. Hi folks, Having an issue with my st205 pnp setup. Got the car running on it fine with a set of blitz 850cc injectors and walbro 255 pump, set base timing and had it idling ok. Stopped it to check fluids etc but when we went to run it again the injectors seemed to be stuck open. 1,2 and 3 cyl plugs where soaked and even with injection mode set to off it was filling the cylinders with fuel. Anyone got Any ideas on This? Got good continuity between injector plugs and ecu for the trigger wire. I have pulled the fuel pump relay and cranked her over whilst logging the data which is attached below. Had the injectors out and tested on the bench, all seem to work fine and have now been refitted. Log 2018-04-10 9;51;39 pm.llg Toyota Celica ST205 G4+ Xtreme Plugin s553tcv.pclr
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