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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all One little question, for years now I m running my 4efte with a link g3 and a distributor setup. So I ve decided to convert it to coils for better ignition since I m almost at 300hp. I ve checked yesterday that I need to keep the dizzy for the trigger signal but I ll have to drive an aux for the tacho so as my dash reading the rpm again, correct? Also is there a real gain from this conversion since I can't run sequential injector setup? Did I understand it correctly from the manual of the g3 that it only has 2 injector drives, so no matter what it's going to be grouped? If
  2. Hi I am currently converting my distributor style to coil on plug and wanting to control trigger inputs through a 12 tooth crank wheel with a hall effect sensor and a single pulse cam position with a hall effect sensor. Just wanting to know what the pinout is for both trigger one and trigger 2
  3. I am looking for some guidance. I am putting a 2GR-FE in a MR2 and turbo'ing it. I have the Link G4+ Fury. I am starting to lay out the wires but am wondering the best way to combine the power for things like the Coils and Injectors. The same for a lot of grounds. Is it common to run power to INJ 1 then jump it to the next one and so on. For reference I have labeled the cylinders by their firing order which is with the cam gear on the right, back left is Cyl 1 Front left is Cyl 2 back middle is 3 and so on. I believe firing order is 1,2,3,4,5,6 with the labeling as I mentioned.
  4. paull

    Coil Fail

    Hi I purchased a G4+ Altezza Link for my 2000 Altezza RS200. My tuner fitted the Link then went to run the car on the dyno but the car blew two coils. Any ideas on why this would happen? cheers Paul
  5. Hi Guys I'll be using LS2 D585 Coils with my wip... The manual states to use a 1uF Suppressor, had a search of the forum and there is some confusing information to ignore the suppressor. If I have to use a Suppressor those in the know would you be able to give me a part suggestion. Cheers, Barend
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