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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, Currently running a bosch 68mm throttle body from a merc. And only recently it's been behaving erratic. TPS1&2 seems to fluctuate when there is no command (APS or AC/FAN stepups) example on idle. But under command it behaves fine when AC/FAN stepups are commanded. In the log DC motor seems to pulsate as well. Just wondering could this be a sign it's failing? Log and tune in OneDrive link as the file is too big to be attached. ECU is FuryX. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al7C1wyXCi4aqiu-oHjrBU1OB5bd?e=M3nFtF
  2. I would like to add a finger operated button launch control to my Toyota 2zz with Xtreme and drive by wire throttle. How do I wire this in? The car is used for targa rallies and we have multiple stop starts for passage controls, stop/go boxes per stage!! All help appreciated
  3. Hello Guys, ECU Thunder, Evo 8 4g63 engine with DBW conversion (Evo X pedal + Bosch 68mm E-Throttle) I set the deadband to 0.0% (0.1% at idle is not acceptable ) The ecu can't reach the TP% requested.... For example... in the e-Throttle 1 table at 0% AP...i set 3% TP... Then idle position set to 0.3%... In some cases the ecu set TP to 3.4% (+0.1% that requested) other times 3.2% (-0.1% that requested) sometimes 3.3% (as requested) but need much time to reach that TP%... My dbw settings are : - P = 9 - I = 0.145 - D = 35 Any advice ? Thanks Regards
  4. Ted


    Hi there all, we would like to change the existing dbw to dbc. what do we need and how difficult is to run ? i know the parts that i want , the only thing is what should i do internally to the ecu. Thank you in advance Ted
  5. Hi there, i would like to ask if anyone knows if a plug and play g4+ for a dbw can be altered to play cable throttle. it is for a subaru drag car that we have here and has the same as mine but we want to covert it to cable throttle for better response. Thank you in advance Ted
  6. Got involved wit a LSX in a S13 drift car last week , when I tried to calibrate the TP i was getting the following fault code. Any thoughts/idea please
  7. Hello everyone, I'm using i88 on single turbo 2jz with GM LS3 DBW TB and couldn't find the right balance with the E throttle setup.. I've tried the parameters that are written on specific e throttle applications section (GM TB) but still having issues with both calibration and idle.. My question is: does anybody have setup parameters for ACDelco 217-3153 GM LS3 DBW TB? Needed settings are: FrequencyDeadbandProportional GainIntegral GainDerivative GainMax ClampMin ClampThank you..
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