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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have a 1998 Toyota Altezza with a TALTX plug and play ECU installed. My tuner and I are chasing a problem with my throttle body - at idle (at operating temperatures), we have it set so that the target tps is 1.8% and the target RPM's to be 850RPM. Every so often, I would come to a stop light, clutch in and notice my idle sitting higher than it is supposed to, and the tps% is sitting at something higher like 2.2-2.8%. When I blip the throttle, sometimes it goes down to 1.8ish where it is supposed to be and the idle comes down, sometimes it goes to another value in the ballpark of 2.2-2.8% and keep idling high. I also powered on my ECU without firing up the engine, put the e-throttle to "run mode" manually and inspected the behavior when the e-throttle is not running - the tps main and sub voltages would vary by ~0.05V or so each time I blip the throttle or even go on and off it gently,and the tps% also having some variance anywhere from 1.4% to 3.8%, which is worse than when the motor is running... So far I've verified that my reference power to the TPS and APS is always stable at 4.95V, I have re-calibrated APS and TPS, verified that the voltages of each sensor (TPS and APS, main and sub) is within spec of what toyota asks for at the rest and full position of the pedal, tried a brand new NTK TPS, tried replacing the whole throttle body from a donor motor. The altezza's "e-throttle" is unique (and a pain) where it is something like 60% mechanical for a fail-safe to be able to limp the car to a shop upon e-throttle control failure... I've set the mechanical throttle plate set screw so that the plate is at 1.5% tps when the dbw motor is powered down, and verified that my car can idle happily with that 1.5% by turning the e-throttle in the software OFF and firing up the car. (Weird thing is that this 1.5% TPS reading with the e-throttle OFF is ALWAYS consistent down to the decimal place... ) This issue causes some rev hang at times too, and is small yet annoying. My question is, on a dbw setup like this, how accurate should be the tps% when my foot is off the gas? Is it supposed to go back smack on 1.8% which I have it set at, or is it natural to have ~0.5% variance in the "off throttle" or 0% APS position? Could this be a tune issue? I will post my setup file in a bit when I am home, and try to get a data log that demonstrates this behavior. Any input will be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  2. Hi All, Currently running a bosch 68mm throttle body from a merc. And only recently it's been behaving erratic. TPS1&2 seems to fluctuate when there is no command (APS or AC/FAN stepups) example on idle. But under command it behaves fine when AC/FAN stepups are commanded. In the log DC motor seems to pulsate as well. Just wondering could this be a sign it's failing? Log and tune in OneDrive link as the file is too big to be attached. ECU is FuryX. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al7C1wyXCi4aqiu-oHjrBU1OB5bd?e=M3nFtF
  3. Hi Please see where i'm stuck with the conversion, excuse my diagram i did the best i could. Am totally stuck with doing the pedal but i'm unsure if i'm going down the right track with the diagram anyway, can i have some feedback offered? Regards
  4. Hello, I would like to run "sensitivity potentiometer" for e-throttle. Idea: I have Target table 1 with low values of the throttle angle. In the Target table 2 i have target values which are changed by potentiometer. ( 8 position) Target table 1 allways on. Target table 2 allways on. Result: I turn the potentiometer and values from target 2 table are added to target table 1 and overall target is combined. Possible / not possible? Photo for reference.
  5. As the title, i installed a link g4 plugin on a completely stock 3SGE and set up the throttle sensors for the ethrottle. I am using the stock MAF on the basemap included in the tuning software. The throttle sensors and MAF sensors make logical sense, which has got me confused as to why the car wont idle. It will start up, and can rev a little bit, but when you get off the accelerator, the car stalls. Tune file attached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 002 system.pclr
  6. Hi folks. First time Link user here and ive had no issues tuning with it so far. Trying to polish up the details now but i'm really struggling to get the closed loop idle control working after so many attempts. 'Idle status' always shows 'speed NOT selected' The ethrottle target is always 'table 1' surely this should change to ethrottle target at some point? The ethrottle target table 1 is set to '0' at closed throttle and base idle position is '2.5' to give an idle speed of 1k rpm. No amount of increasing or reducing the error by altering the idle setpoint will make it respond or 'control' All it will do is perform a % increase when the coolat fan comes on, and it jumps to this setting with no issues. How does it know whether or not to look at table 1 in an idle condition? Would uploading a short log file help work out whats going on or are there specific settings i should check? The help file doesnt have a lot of detail on this topic. Cheers!
  7. Hello, I'm Japanese user of G4 Xtreme and this is first time to use LINK ecu. I'm going to apply G4 Xtreme to 2JZ-GTE VVTi E-throttle engine. (Normal engine, not any tuned) Do you know G4 Xtreme is available to control E-throttle with Aux9/10 by ECU itself? Eventhough I'm going to control E-throttle by using Aux9/10, I couldn't define Aux9/10 as E-throttle+-, because I couldn't find Aux9/10 in the list of ECU setting. (Please see the attached, It is shown only Aux1~8, Virtual Aux1~3 and Timer...) On the other hands, Aux9/10 is appeared in the list of Runtime and it is shown as "Not defined!". (I want to define...!!!) In addition, If you can share the base map for Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi TwinTurbo E-throttle, It could be very helpful to setup the calibrations. Thanks in advance, Yuto,
  8. Hi All, long time reader, first time poster.. I have an older Xtreme Red G4+ ecu which im wiring into my s14 which has a JZX110 1jz vvti in it. Now i have an issue with connecting to my AIM dash via CAN using the communication port while laptop is connected via the USB port. Basically its either one or the other.. i cannot have both connected at the same time as PClink will disconnect if i connect the AIM dash. Any suggestions? secondly.. does anyone have any wiring info on the JZX110 E throttle plugs and pinouts? Cheers Simon
  9. Hi i have a problem calibrating an E-Throttle on a 2006 STI with a custom wired Extreme Black ecu. i managed to do the pedal calibration, but when i try the e-throtle itself it gives a fault stating "max 80% DC". in the "ON-Setup Mode" i can move the throttle between 5.8 and 100%, but in the automatic calibration is gives the fault of max 80. i made a small video of it. to start i copied all settings from the plugin V10 map into the extreme black basemap. i also have 2 TPS inputs main and sub from the throttle and also 2 inputs from the pedal main and sub, all voltages arrive good in the ecu as seen in the runtime values. anyone an idea what is wrong? or what settings i missed. i suspect the wiring and all be ok as the throttle works fine in setup mode and i entered the voltages as seen in the runtime values. youtube video
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