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Found 11 results

  1. I'm planning out the additional items on my Expansion Harness, I'm looking to add an ethanol sensor, boost solenoid, manual boost map switch, and Can Lambda. Below I have a couple questions: Can I power all those accessories off the same switched Relay? Main reason I ask is because the Can Lambda wiring diagram calls out a 10A relay for itself. What's the best pin on the ecu to trigger the boost solenoid? There's also two can ports on the ECU, can I use one for the CAN Lambda and the other for a Digital Dash? Or do they both need to be daisy chained off the same port?
  2. I have the Link G4+ PnP in my BMW E36 with an M50B30 Engine. If i am not mistaken, the ecu itself has igniters to run all the OEM BMW Coilpacks. I want to make the switch to AUDI R8 coilpacks and I know that these are smart coilpacks in comparison to the oem BMW ones.. Once I rewire the Audi Coilpacks to the Engine Harness, I have read that i have to change the dwell time to ignite the new Audi Coilpacks. Now do i need to do anyting else? I have heard that i have to remove something from the ECU. Thank you!
  3. That328i

    E36 pnp no start

    Okay so I have an m52 converted obd1 with a pnp link. It cranks but doesn’t start. Injectors are firing fuel. Coil packs don’t seem to fire. I can go into settings and fire each coil pack separate along with injectors. I calibrated map and tps. I noticed I have no rpm signal when cranking and I’m assuming that’s why the coils aren’t firing. Now my cams are degreed and I running 800cc injectors. I wouldn’t think that my problem but who knows. I’m currently running the off the self basemap the ecu comes with.
  4. Hi, I have an obd1 pnp ecu in my e36. I’ts come time to wire my Aem boost solenoid in. I ran one lead to a switch 12v source. I have an expansion harness already installed. Can I wire it to an analog out out on that? Or do I need to pin it into the engine harness?
  5. Hi guys, Hope you are all safe i am trying to setup my rpm limit and als an launch on my M50b29 Turbo engine is capable of 600-900hp running on normal fuel at the moment with three modes 0.8bar/1.3bar/1.8bar ill go into each issue on its own, if anyone can help me set it up i attached my file (i made the tune from scratch so anyone wanting to copy anything from it i do not suggest that cz u might blow up ur engine) -Rpm Limit: the way it is setup now the rpm limit sounds fast while stationary , but the issue is when im driving and i hit rpm limit i don't know if i reached it cz the rpm holds steady at the limit but the engine sounds normal without any noticable cuts or bangs or anything so its very confusing for me to know when i reach rpm limit how i prefer it is like a small bangs that won't make me lose lots of power and stall and keeps the engine reving up and banging so i can notice it -Antilag : the way it is now when i lift my foot off from a full throttle it will bang maybe once or twice loud bangs and sometimes quiet bangs but in all cases on a gear shift i lose all boost and loose all power and have to wait for the turbo to spool again i don't want anything that sounds good rather i want something that performs well i want to keep at least 0.5 bar after a gear shift -launch: the way it is now once i push the button i rev the engine up to around 4k and i can feel and hear the retard spooling the turbo and hear it wistle but i don't see any boost and when i let go of the clutch and depress the button i have no boost and the engine starts spooling from 0 bar -i want to have at least 0.5bar of boost before i can launch with a little bang perhaps whoever can help out or has a file that works that i can read and try to learn form it or try it is much appreciated Thanks in advance, M50B29 E30M3_V2.pclr
  6. Hi all, just wondering why my ecu’s pin55 is burnt/discoloured. Its melted a bit of plastic surrounding it on head of connector for ecu. I have done some research and on the bmw m50 harness connector, pin 55 is the ignition ground. The link g4+ pin out on my ecu however doesn’t have a function for pin 55. At this point i am wondering if anyone could lead me to the right direction as the car starts up ok and fine, idles fine with the base map Loaded and stored to the ecu. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, I have a boosted BMW M52 OBD1 converted E36, i now have installed a electronic boost controller but need help getting the Aux output wiring set up. i don't know where to get the wire from that needs to ground control the solenoid. I have the expansion loom but that doesn't look to helpful. I just need to know where to get the wire to connect the solenoid to and how to set up the AUX out put. Thanks guys.
  8. Hello everybody,, I have a Link E36 plugin ECU controlling a turbo M50TUB25 E36 BMW. I am almost done with the fuel tables and moving onto ignition tuning so I have some questions regarding the specific configuration of the knock control for this engine. I saw that the help files recommend some frequency settings for certain engines, but no recommendation for the M50 engine. So first question is, could someone tell me what type of knock sensor should be selected, what frequency and eventually the rest of the knock control settings? In case I can't find an answer to the previous question I plan to also listen for engine knock, so I also search for advice on this one. My plan is to build a simple audio frequency preamplifier/amplifier and listen with headphones. The problem is that I would like to keep the ECU connected in parallel to my audio amplifier, so I need to know what should be the input impedance of the amplifier in order to not affect the input to the ECU too much. My guess is that something like 100kohm should be fine, am I correct? This is a question to which I hope I can get an answer from the Link ECU hardware engineers, for which I thank them in advance! Best regards, Florin
  9. Hey guys I’m new to this link ecu set up, trying to in put injector information about my injectors but not really having any luck. Dose any one have the Fuel Main, Injector Set, Injector Short Pulse Width Adder Table filled out with 60lb/h Siemens Deka injectors?
  10. Hi guys, am having issues with a modified M54B30 running on a G4+ E36 ecu. Engine changes are Vanos delete with cams locked at 0º advance, M50B25 intake, ICV & throttle body, M43B19 VR block mounted type crank sensor, M50B25 intake cam sensor, AFM & charcoal canister delete. Cams & injectors are factory. Am looking for a latency table to suit. So far the only numbers I've come across are here : but I'm not 100% convinced they're accurate. Also, as there are no published values for 7,9,11,13 & 15v I've used the midway point as a guesstimate. Is this regarded as acceptable? Could anyone please share the numbers they've used? This is the first time I've taken on a project like this, your advice & patience are appreciated!
  11. I've had an E36 with a 5.7 LS1 in it for about a month now (terrific fun, I'm not dead yet either!) Got a few questions pertaining to the management- it runs a Link G4 Storm. It looks like it was setup by someone who possibly had an inkling of what they were doing, but... at the same time, it wasn't very well done. Niggles are as follows... 1) no Lamdas or wideband fitted. I'd like to fit a wideband setup- what's recommended for an LS1? 2) the tacho, when connected, was jumping all over the show. I'd like to think this was because I was trailing the wire right over the HT leads at the time, causing it to bounce about... I'll try again in the morning and we'll see what the deal is. Unless you can't use a stock E36 tacho wire with a Link G4 Storm..? Any light to be shed on this would be great. 3) the coolant temp sensor refuses to read above 52ºC... guessing the sensor is goosed, or incorrectly specified? Thanks in advance.
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