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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everybody Im having problem with Calibrate the BMW E46 E-Throttle Everything is wire as it should be, following link external Ethrottle module wiring diagram And BMW pinout, But it seems that something is missing Because we end up with an... error 5 TP(main) movement zero Link g4+ storm blue Link external Ethrottle BMW e46 13541439224-04 Any thoughts? V1.pclr v1 log.llg
  2. Hi all, I previously ran a nissan 350z throttle body which is 70mm. I've now switched to a donor Bosch 74mm throttle body because the nissan failed on me and this was all I have. I am now experiencing issues with the car trying to idle as it hunts from time to time. I've redone the tps calibration for the 74mm bosch. I've also started tuning base position and idle up tables from scratch (from cold as per manual). I still can't get a good idle and the car isn't so lively anymore on the response. My PID seems sensible as I can see the TPS and Target tracks fairly close. Or is it not? I've also checked for possible vacuum leaks but i think they're good. When i shut the base position to 0, the engine stalls. 70 to 74mm doesn't seem like a big jump but could this be too big for a 1.8L 4g93 mivec engine, stock cams, just with higher compression? ECU is a FuryX. I've attached my map and some logs below. bosch 74mm.pclx 74mm bosch(idle and driving) PC Datalog - 2021-10-26 6;49;12 pm.llgx
  3. Hi Please see where i'm stuck with the conversion, excuse my diagram i did the best i could. Am totally stuck with doing the pedal but i'm unsure if i'm going down the right track with the diagram anyway, can i have some feedback offered? Regards
  4. Hi, I'm looking to setup E-throttle shortly with an Altezza 3SGE throttle body. On a G4+ Xtreme Red. Question one: Looking through the documentation, it says that it requires TPS main and sub, FPS main and sub wired to 4 seperate inputs. Am I correct in thinking that this is just two wires each coming out of the TPS plug, and two wires coming out of the FPS plug? One which gains voltage one which drops voltage as it sweeps through it's range? Question two: A lot of the documentation now mentions the Black edition Xtreme, and any mention of the Red seems to be gone. Which is fine, but what's the effective difference between the two, am I safe in following the pinouts/guides/etc that mention black version, for the Red? Question three: In the box with the ECU there was a little booklet which had a pinout of the plugs, (I can find this in the online help in PClink) but also on another page a list to write down what you were planning to use all of the inputs/outputs for. I found this useful, is there a copy online somewhere so I can print out another one? Also on a bit of a tangent, but what are peoples experiences with e-throttle? People with Altezzas (with factory ECU) seem to moan that it feels mushy, but I'm guessing it's just because you've got no control over it's logic, and how it decides to use it for traction control etc. Which obviously isnt the case when you're running a Link! What is the response time of an E-throttle if you mash the throttle wide open, is there a noticeable latency at all? I'm mainly wanting it to make the car a little less jerky to drive at low throttle openings... But cruise control will be neat as well
  5. Hi folks. First time Link user here and ive had no issues tuning with it so far. Trying to polish up the details now but i'm really struggling to get the closed loop idle control working after so many attempts. 'Idle status' always shows 'speed NOT selected' The ethrottle target is always 'table 1' surely this should change to ethrottle target at some point? The ethrottle target table 1 is set to '0' at closed throttle and base idle position is '2.5' to give an idle speed of 1k rpm. No amount of increasing or reducing the error by altering the idle setpoint will make it respond or 'control' All it will do is perform a % increase when the coolat fan comes on, and it jumps to this setting with no issues. How does it know whether or not to look at table 1 in an idle condition? Would uploading a short log file help work out whats going on or are there specific settings i should check? The help file doesnt have a lot of detail on this topic. Cheers!
  6. Hi guys Running a 3sge beams with turbo setup Recently the car had started to stall on idle randomly every so often. Hooked the laptop up and when it happens car is idling at 700rpm nicely and then drops dead. Comes up 'rpm limit' which i dont quite understand as only rpm limit is my redline etc (doesnt activate CEL) Then a few days ago throttle shut down and came up 'e throttle error' and CEL came on. Found that the drive cog on the main butterfly shaft that the e throttle motor spins had stripped 2 teeth and seized. I have fitted a second hand throttle and it still wines when engine off, and still has the same rpm limit stall issue when idling. Calibrates fine etc. Is this second hand unit on the way out? Brendon
  7. Hi there I've finally got my 3uzfe running in my is200. I used the 1uz vvti basemap and it started first time after i set up my inputs and outputs. I'm very new to tuning / ecus and link software so be gentle! Haha I have a aux 9 and 10 supply error voltage lower than expected for my e throttle. I can see throttle position (11%) but obviously my throttle body isn't working. I understand there is alot of setting up / calibrating to do, but i'd like to get this done before i take the car for mapping. Does anyone have any tips / pointers on how i can set this up? My accelerator pedal works and is calibrated. Is this error due to wiring (which i know is 100% correct and even switched the wires around to test) or is it because a parameter / pid isn't set correctly and is flagging this fault up? Many thanks David
  8. Yes im back again requesting more info, Can i please ask the specific ethrottle operation in regards to an engine returning to idle and how the base throttle plate position is calculated. Is it taking the ethrottle target table setting and adding it to the base idle position? My problem is i can generate a fairly stable idle with closed loop isc with the ethrottle and gratuitous use of idle ignition control but if the engine is revved the base position generates a stall as its too low, If it is a small say 300 rpm rev the throttle plate does not drop back as low as it does from a big rev watching it in the tp main setting. Prop gain and anti stall gain can be set anywhere from .5 their max (5 gain / 25 anti stall) and dont make a lick of diff. Setting my base idle target % high enough to stop a stall results in an idle way too high. When i ran a solenoid isc it seemed to drop to my set base pos then slowly drop down to the idle speed but this is different on the ethrottle settings. Any advice appreciated - again its a 50 year engine with a myriad of superchargers and modifications and different manufacturers parts so there is no baseline as such but it is 1.6 litres, 4 cyl and using a mini cooper r53 ethrottle body so all ethrottle body settings are r53 and the tbody tracks perfect. Thanks BR
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