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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I recently bought a built lancer evo 3 with a Link G4 pnp ecu. I discovered an issue where I assume the ecu power cuts on wot. I'm assuming its something in the stock harness but I haven't gone through it yet so i might be wrong. Now this issue doesn't show up until the car has been running for a few minutes. The car works just fine for about ~10 minutes after starting the engine, and it also works fine after restarting the car mid run. I'm new to this but i managed to log some data and I had a friend ride with me while it was happening and it's not showing any fault codes so I have no idea where to start to be honest. As I mentioned earlier it probably has something to do with the stock harness being 20 years old but you never know. The engine is good for about 500hp and it runs great when it wants to. Has someone ever encountered this before? Ill attatch the tune and the log where the power cut or whatever it is happens. starts at ~6:20 min into the log https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9k9ga1ejm1ifhr6/AADC93Cv3KZ_wVIGa_qwjSL8a?dl=0 <-tune and logs Specs: CP pistons Eagle rods Bc valve springs BC 272 cam Fic injectors 1200cc New oil pump and water pump Athena headgasket Arp bolts Aeromotive fpr Tial 44mm wg Jrm dump (woosh) Acl bearings Garett 3076bbr
  2. Hi! I just installed the EvoLink in my Evo 3. Car is basically stock, fuel pump is a bit bigger (Walbro 255). I took it to dyno for tuning, and tuner said that the ignition values in the table are going crazy high and make no sense. We made sure that the ignition timing is fine. We were able to take the values higher and higher and more kW just kept coming, but then we just ran out of courage to put higher values in there and left it in 274 horsepowers, which is basically stock. Are these normal ignition values in Link? Is this somekind of feature in Link or did we miss a table or something? Any information would be highly appreciated, I also have the whole map if needed.
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