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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Guys, Im new to the Forum I got couple questions for the PRO's In this room > I have a 2JZ VVTI Customized Engine ( A to Z ) 3.4 L I have 2 MAPS im going to attach, Both are working perfect, Lucky for the 2jz vvti Car owners, They can use my map's ( Im Not responsible about any damage to you car ) Ok I tuned my car in 2 different Engineers And im not sure which one is right, both tuned the car Ignition and fuel table, I need to make sure the value's Of the Ignition and fuel are correct. I have the following setup 750 cc Bosh Injectors with 4 Bar Fuel Pres
  2. Hey Guys, I have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R and I will be running an NS15+ Plugin ECU. Im considering these Sensors for my Fuel and Oil Pressure, will they work? I dont see why not but I thought I'd ask here first. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trademe.co.nz%2Ftrade-me-motors%2Fcar-parts-accessories%2Fperformance%2Fgauges%2Fauction-1707160440.htm&h=AT3eGdJKD0uZLiYzPtH6HaW1mNSWp8vLT_9vz4nMJkCviy23UcgTko8K9zN5tRp8k8ZGDc8K5oDxSDZgQpXac1Q9k4tTavj-OD4GEQ85p75nohVlgx7qalSxm4YdCglLvKs Cheers! Dane
  3. Hi folks, Having an issue with my st205 pnp setup. Got the car running on it fine with a set of blitz 850cc injectors and walbro 255 pump, set base timing and had it idling ok. Stopped it to check fluids etc but when we went to run it again the injectors seemed to be stuck open. 1,2 and 3 cyl plugs where soaked and even with injection mode set to off it was filling the cylinders with fuel. Anyone got Any ideas on This? Got good continuity between injector plugs and ecu for the trigger wire. I have pulled the fuel pump relay and cranked her over whilst logging
  4. krohelm

    VE way too high

    On a Toyota 4age 20v Blacktop with a G4+ Monsoon, factory injectors. The engine runs well, but the VE table seems really strange. I observe full throttle VE over 130% in places (5500-6000rpm). I expect VE to top out closer to 100%, maybe 110% tops? I have: Installed a Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator.Installed Honeywell fuel pressure sensor.Sent injectors to Witch Hunter Performance, cleaned & serviced, measured ~310cc/min at 300kpa.Set base fuel pressure to ~305kpa. Manifold differential fuel pressure stays within about 2% of that.I went looking for a data problem when I noticed my V
  5. More then 10 with Link ECUs with difference engines/cars. Size of fuel and ignition main tables 22x20 cells are too small, especially number of rows for high boost engine. In case of multi target boost levels, 20 rows are concentrate to boost levels, thus 2-5 rows in vacuum for constant speed and relax drive are not perfect. Haltech elite is often compare with Link which Haltech's table size is 32x32. If the new firmware is concentrate on fuel and ignition table size, Link ecu will be no competitor and closed to the best Ecu in market.
  6. Hello I have Atom ecu and was wondering if anyone could assist me in saving my fuel and ign map as a csv file. if I copy and paste map on notepad it is one long line of numbers same on excel. any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I'm trying to get a limited fuel warning that will calculate total fuel remaining in my cell and if my burn rate is too high to allow me to finish an event by bring up an alert. I realize that this is currently beyond the G4 plus extreme I'm running (and should be) however given I can CAN Bus this to my raspberry pi then calculate total burn and distance remaining I can generate this logic myself. My problem is this, my engine is rotary and doesn't meet the criteria for Instantaneous Fuel Consumption. The Instantaneous Fuel Consumption is a calculated number that has the following requireme
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