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Found 13 results

  1. Below is a base map I have loaded onto my ecu from a different forum on here,which I did tweak a little bit. But I still cant get it to fire. I have a jzx110 1jzgtevvti into my Silvia s15 240sx.Ecu is a link fury g4+ wire in. with a brand new wiring harness. all aux out puts are correct from what ive seen. can any one look over the base map and see if im missing something. Mods are lq9 coils (which I converted to direct spark) cant seem to get the dwel where it should be . Between 5.5-6ms stock 1jzvvti injectors. converted to drive by cable, cant seem to find where to convert t
  2. Hi All. I am having some trigger issues with my VH45 swapped Nissan Patrol. I am at the stage of setting timing trigger offset, but i am getting errors with the rpm when cranking, when doing so it spikes and i get an RPM limit activated error. I am no longer using the factory CAS disc, i have converted to a AEM 24-1 trigger disc. I have tried trigger filtering but this makes things worse. Anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong.
  3. Problem: Can't connect to ECU from computer. When using "auto" I get an orange box and "searching" but never a connection. When using manual and trying to connect after selecting "COM3" I get a red box and "Offline." Background: I am working on a brand-new build/installation with a FURY ECU. I am running Windows 10 version 1909. I have PCLINK installed version: I have the USB cable plugged into the top plug (one with a rubber o-ring). In Windows device manager it is recognized in "Ports (COM & LPT)" " Link Engine Management USB ECU (COM3)" t
  4. Hi I am wanting to to use this ECU Master Can Switch Board in conjunction with a Link G4+ Fury ECU. switchboardManual.pdf Will the messages sent by it be able to be read by the ECU. I am wanting to use it for pitlane limiter, traction control disable, ALS, launch control, etc with rotary potentiometers to adjust boost levels, traction control slip, DBW sensitivity, etc.
  5. Hi Clever people! I was on the dyno today and ran into 3 problems. Background: Link Fury, Supercharged bike running E85 First one: ECU Fault Code 70 E-Throttle Min %DC Limit ECU Fault Code 73 Aux 9/10 Supply Error Engine speed limited to 1800 I got these when rolling off after WOT power-run. Key cycle fixed it but it came up again a few runs later too. I don't understand the Min %DC settings, can someone please shine some light? Second problem: Using a pressure regulated fuel pump (on AN 2) it shows idle pressure at 394kpa and it ramps up with
  6. Hi Guys, i have a 2JZ-GTE swapped Altezza running a Link G4+ Fury and i am looking to run an MR2 electric power steering pump. i have talked to my certifier and he will not allow it to be directly plugged into a power supply as it must go through a 'controller' so that the pump is in a 'controlled environment'. which after some reading is it possible to use my Fury to control this in any way? obviously my gearbox speed sensor is plugged into the ecu aswell as my seperate sensors on my wheels, would the link fury pick this up and be able to control the pump? hopefully this helps.
  7. Hi I'm using Fury and I am controlling LSU4.9 BOSCH lambda sensor with fury internal lambda sensor controller. I have connected the cables completely as same as the instructions in the Online Help. But I'm receiving these errors. Do you have any suggestions? One thing that I'm worried about is, I'm using +14V(A connector pin 5) as the Ignition +12V input(LSU 4.9 pin 4). I read the instructions of the LSU 4.9 and it says. "Power supply H+ nominal 7.5 V" "System supply voltage 10.8 V to 16.5 V" I don't have 12V output in my ECU so I can only use +14V cable or the +8V cable
  8. Hey, I’m having difficulty selecting between the VL plug and play ecu (I believe is Storm based) or going wire in with a Fury. Vehicle is/will be a turbocharged RB30E, with the goal of it being a weekend toy that will see some drag racing use. Also will need to operate the Dash 2 pro display... will the plug and play unit be capable of running the dash as well as the required wide band controller? Will be a basic setup, utilising the OE style distributor based ignition system and sequential fuel injection. In my mind, it comes down to ease of installation but using 30 year
  9. Hi all, just looking for a bit of concrete answers before purchasing some remaining hardware for my next project, Have a FG Barra motor going into a SWB patrol, running a new link fury, I’m wanting to keep the duel VCT that the FG runs but a bit unsure of how to wire the ECU triggers up, The FG runs the single crank sensor and two cam sensors, i would assume one trigger to the crank, what about the other? And would the VCT effect the timing for the cam sensors? Effectively throwing out spark timing ect? thanks Max
  10. Hi i have problem about fury while starting (cranking). In case of engine can rev up to idle, ever thing ok. But, in case of engine cannot rev up, when i release the start button, engine stall down to stop. I found randomly what ecu will open injector approximation 1 sec. In logger shows rpm very high (13000++), and the injection time is 4.xx-5.xx ms. until rpm equals zero. I use AEM EPM for crank cam. In this cases happen offensively while battery lower 10.5 volt while cranking. backup001.pclr
  11. I can't seem to get the heater to heat. It just bomb out with a Heater took to long Error. I double checked the wiring and continuity tested it. Tried 2 Fury's and both error after a calibration period.. One did get to about 15 degrees and stop the other did nothing. IS there a hidden turn on heater option I'm missing? The second plug has power and both grounds connected and checked. I also checked 2 sensors, both did the same. Lyndon.
  12. Hi , I'm install a Fury ECU to a SR20DET S14. I have two problems I Need help with. The first and most important at the moment is the ECU doesn't always power up with key on !! ( no blue light ) I have 12volts at pin 5 and grounds all good, all anti theft and ecu holds are off ,but if I have the ignition on for about 1 min then cycle the ignition the ecu does not power back up !!!! leave it for 5 mins and it will power back up again!! If I connect a power supply to the battery set at 14.2 volts , the fault does not happen. Every now and then with the ignition on the ecu will reset
  13. I found that Fury's internal lambda controller reading is always 0.5 AFR leaner than LM-2 LSU4.9 and AEM UEGO LSU4.9. The test used two LSU4.9 sensors for 3 devices, sensors were cross swapped during test, same result, updated Fury fw. to 5.4.3, same result. LM-2 and AEM read consistently 0.1 AFR diff. I also compared LM-2 to several other AEMs(no pictures), very same result. I think LM-2 is something can be trusted. Any suggestion?
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