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  1. Hey guys, ive been looking over my pin assignments trying to get everything setup in my base map for when i get my car running. Its a 1g DSM using the Vr4Link. I recently sent the ECU in to be modified to work with Ethrottle as well as add a few other inputs. With the OEM Harness i had a fuel pressure sensor wired into the factory EGR input, which doesn't exist on the Link Ecu so i had to find another Input for it. I also was using ECMLinks Plug n Play Speed Density harness (plugs into the MAF Harness) for IAT, MAP and Flex fuel. My issue is that i think i might be tapping out my Aux Outputs. I seem to have just enough inputs, but i might be missing one output for the Ethrottle control relay. I was looking to possibly repurpose my Purge Solenoid Output (Inj 5) but the Help Section says that its unable to control Aux Outputs. I don't see any additional Ign outputs, or any additional outputs to be used that matter. I was also hoping to find one to control radiator fans as well. What are my options for getting this to work? My Current pin assignments are attached as well as a few listed here: Ethanol Sensor replacing MAF Sensor input (AN Volt 2) Throttle Pos. + --> AN Volt 7 (Green) Throttle Pos. - --> AN Volt 8 (Grey) Fuel Pressure Sensor --> AN Volt 5 (Expansion) MAP Sensor --> AN Volt 6 (Expansion) Throttle Body Pos. + --> AN Volt 9 (White) Throttle Body Pos. - --> AN Volt 10 (Brown) Isolating Relay Output (EThrottle) --> ?? Fan Control Output --> ?? Still trying to Familiarize myself with the ECU layout, so i definitely could have missed/ Not understanding stuff. Thanks! test file.pclr
  2. Hello! I have roblem whith OBD on G4X. I need to coonect DAMD steering weel to Link ECU. It is connect whithout any problems on G4+but on G4X with same setings it dosent work at all. After connecting control lamp to CAN wire I see that on User Defined I dosent have anithing but on others protocols I have some signals (on G4+ I have signal on User Defined). Video below.
  3. Evening guys, I have a G4+ plug in for my V1-2 WRX and am running a Haltech IC7 dash. The dash is wired via CAN from the Link G4+ and EVERYTHING works except for % ethanol. It shows the correct % ethanol on the G4+, but the IC7 will only show 0%. Currently have RPM, speed, oil pres, oil temp, coolant temp, IAT, lambda, etc. etc.... See attached configuration for CAN module 1 (the dash). I am running CAN lambda on CAN module 2. Any help would be appreciated!! Cheers, Mitch
  4. Hello, Here is the tune file for my 2003 MINI Cooper S that I race in GTS with NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and BMW Club Racing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JVhjpeVhWHSubJpOya5x56rsSomkDuUw/view?usp=sharing It is a stock MINI engine with 50 thousands over 9.3 to 1 compression pistons. Stock cam advanced 10 degrees on a Endyn big valve head. The SC is running the stock pulley producing 10 psi of boost max. It is a power to weight class so we attempt to get a flat HP curve, thus the unusually timing curve. Questions / Suggestions welcome. I am the tuner and still learning. Alan
  5. Hi, im new to this forum. Sorry if my post here have been discussed before but i couldn't found any that could guide me through. My problem is. Im running g4+ plug in for my 4g63 engine and i've installed a haltech racepak iq3 non logger dash through the CANBUS port within the ecu. If there is any setting for the can setup in the pc link or does anybody here had the same problem solved and get the racepak up and running? the racepak from haltec is running firmware 26 and also have haltech v2 can protocol in it. Thanks in advance! hope you guys could help me out.
  6. Hi Folks, I'm having some issue with my CAN Lambda. Bought it new a while back and I finally decided to fit it.. So I've got it wired up as per the instructions but I'm getting a error 26 - which according to instructions relates to - supply voltage dropped below 10.8V while operating. Solution - Check Wiring, Check Battery, May occur during cranking" Ive check the wiring, relay is wired correctly, power is coming from the battery, good ground, accessory going to the CAN module. All seems fine. Battery is fine, showing 12V+ Which leaves "may occur during cranking".. I thought this might be the issue (might still be) so I put a switch on the accessory power going to the relay just to turn it on once the car has started. thinking this would take the cracking part out of the occasion just incase it was dropping below the 10v. I'm kinda out of ideas on what else to check, if anyone has any ideas?? Also looking at the lambda status , I might have other issues but they only come up when I start the car. map and log attached along with some snapshots can lambda test.llg afterlambdainstall.pclr
  7. Hi all I have my 3uzfe running off the 1uz vvti basemap on my link G4+ xtreme but its running pretty rich at the moment. I'm going to be converting to MAP and wideband before i take it to my tuner, but for now i am just running MAF and narrowband. Is there anything i can do to lean it out abit? I just want to be able to run in up to temperature and make sure everythings okay before i take it to the dyno as its quite a long drive to get there and don't want to have any problems, but its super smokey and rich. I've uploaded my basemap with a log of it running for around 30 seconds. I will be doing MAP conversion and Link can lambda in the next month. Many thanks Rich running map.llg Rich running map 3uz.pclr
  8. Hi! I just installed the EvoLink in my Evo 3. Car is basically stock, fuel pump is a bit bigger (Walbro 255). I took it to dyno for tuning, and tuner said that the ignition values in the table are going crazy high and make no sense. We made sure that the ignition timing is fine. We were able to take the values higher and higher and more kW just kept coming, but then we just ran out of courage to put higher values in there and left it in 274 horsepowers, which is basically stock. Are these normal ignition values in Link? Is this somekind of feature in Link or did we miss a table or something? Any information would be highly appreciated, I also have the whole map if needed.
  9. Hi guys, so I've just got my hands on a Haltech IC-7 dash. Im running a G4+ pnp for Evo 8. The dash is running current firmware and I have selected Link G4 from the configuration list on the haltech software. I am using the connection cable that is offered by haltech(came with the kit) plugged in to CAN1/RS232, 12v is coming from a switched acc/ign and ground is going to a chassis ground. On PC Link i am using the following settings (see attached image) but I have no data streaming to the dash at all. If I change the configuration to OBD2 on the haltech software i am able to get a battery voltage reading and nothing else indicating to me the dash is working and wired up correctly? Can some one point out what i am doing wrong? Thank you!
  10. Hi There, I have the Link MXS Strada dash in my s15 and I am having some dramas with the auto dim feature on the dash. it seems as though the sensor is not picking up much ambient light in the car as it has dark tint and small windows along with the screen shade to limit glare. I have already sett the threshold to 20% however it is dimming the screen when it is much too bright still. Is there a way to facotr the luminoscity sensor's scale? Or will this need to be a firmware thing from AIM? To be honest it used to be fantastic when i first installed it but since the last few firmware updates it has not been as good with the auto dim function. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great Cheers, Trento
  11. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Hello, Our team doing some upgrades this winter. We have G4+ Thunder and PMU16 from Ecumaster. I would like to run water pump with pwm settings. I know that G4+ CAN can't transmit the pwm value, so I'm looking for alternative. Water pump: CWA200 PWM settings: Idea: 1. PMU16 feeds pump +12V when ignition is on. 2. I wire this to G4+ PWM signal Aux5 pin directly (high side) 3. I wire this pin to G4+ signal ground. (Or should I wire it to chassis ground?) 4. GND is wired to chassis ground. Working order: I turn the ignition and power goes directly from pmu to water pump. When RPM gets over 200 I feed 3ms of pw to wake up the pump from ecu. When car idles i send different signal to run the pump from ecu... Can someone confirm that my theory should work? Or I'm just wasting You time guys.. Huge thanks
  12. Link PNP in stock harness. Series 1 RB25 5 speed Issue is that at around 3200rpm the TPS % drops to 0% causing a cut of throttle until more or less throttle is applied. Occurs intermittently but always in 1st gear, taking off from a stop. TPS analog values show 0.47 closed and 3.70 open, I have recalibrate the tps multiple times but issue persists. I have checked and the tps rises and lowers with throttle smoothly in voltage and position. I have attached the .pcl and log. Issue can be seen at 21:17 in the log. tps logs.pclr tps logs.llg
  13. just bought a link ecu g4+ and was going through start up guide. MY build is 2jzge- turbo Supra JDM 1993 , map sensor calibrated, tps not calibrated (wiring issues). when i crank the engine there is no spark from main coil going to distributor cap. Originally running a piggyback system with the Aristo 2JZGTE ecu which was running fine, unplugged earlier today, current ignition module is rewired to work with distributor because the 2jzGTE uses COP instead of distributor (old setup). In the ignition settings neither direct spark or distributor have any spark. also unsure about what trigger setup to use, when cranking trigger signal status 1 is on/active Was previously running fine before installing new ecu
  14. Bunchy1995

    VH45 Base Map

    Hi All. Is there anyone that has a base fuel and ignition maps for a VH45, just need something to fill in the tables before i put it on the dyno and get it tuned (need maps to get the car idling nicely) If it helps, here is the setup. Cheers
  15. Hi all, I've purchased my ECU and 2x XS looms to wire in the following (sparky will be doing the wiring, i'm just making sure i give him all the materials to to the job) 6x LS1 coils boost Solenoid Fuel pressure sensor After doing as much research as i can, i seem to think i have run out of aux outputs and can only choose either boost solenoid or fuel pressure. Have i missed something? Also, what is the below connector (highlighted yellow)? Listed under 'additional sensors'. Thanks in advance, Adam (from Melbourne)
  16. Hello guys, i have problem with my tps when I changed my throttle and I have set the tps sensor again, it reads before I start the car but when I start it, the tps doesn’t work and doesn’t read , it starts only when I put my foot to the gas , when I take it off the car dies , and I don’t know why , please help me
  17. Hi I am wanting to to use this ECU Master Can Switch Board in conjunction with a Link G4+ Fury ECU. switchboardManual.pdf Will the messages sent by it be able to be read by the ECU. I am wanting to use it for pitlane limiter, traction control disable, ALS, launch control, etc with rotary potentiometers to adjust boost levels, traction control slip, DBW sensitivity, etc.
  18. Hi all, I have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 (SR20det) and I will be installing a LinkECU G4+ plugin ECU in a couple of months. I'd like to run a IAT Sensor however im unsure which one would appropriate based on the options available on the LinkEcu website. http://dealers.linkecu.com/IAT1-8_2 Or... http://dealers.linkecu.com/IATB_2 Any ideas? As for wiring, could I use the MAF sensor wiring? alternatively what would be the best way to wire it all up to the ecu? I do have the XL loom (As im also running: oil temp, oil pressure fuel pressure). Dane
  19. Hey Guys, currently running a 7PSI Spring in my external wastegate and have purchased an aditional 5PSI spring i'd like to add. My tuner is no longer available and im not sure what I need to change in PCLink in regards to my boost solenoid (or anything else for that matter) to warrant the increase of boost to 12PSI. Can anyone shed some light? 99 Nissan Silvia S15 G4+ plug in
  20. So I'm currently wiring in a g4+ extreme into a jza80 / jzx110 1jzgte. The easy stuff is done. Power in Ground Earths Injectors Sensors Vvti I have a few questions regarding different subjects. 1.The only wire I can find for a/c is a/c lock out? 2.I currently have standard coils with the original ignitor. How is this wired into the extreme? 3.the charge light needs to be connected to 14v to allow the system to charge is it best connected to the link ecu 14v? 4.can I run an external boost /coolant gauge as outputs from link? Last question does anyone know what this is? It's connected to cam, crank and o2 sensors @Adamw @Simon
  21. Hello guys I’m wondering if i can use g4+ PCLINK to tune my G4 storm ecu thanks
  22. Hey guys I’m new to this link ecu set up, trying to in put injector information about my injectors but not really having any luck. Dose any one have the Fuel Main, Injector Set, Injector Short Pulse Width Adder Table filled out with 60lb/h Siemens Deka injectors?
  23. Hi, having a problem with my 1,8t AEB, I'm not gjetting spark on cyl 3 when I crank, but when I run ignition test it works fine. Have tried a new cps, no change. New plug, New coil, checked wiring to coils and cps, all good. Car ran for 20 hrs before it stopped firing on cyl 3. The engine does not get any spark when I disconnect the cps. Any ideas? Uploaded an image of my trigger scope.
  24. Barrett_m3


    Hello, so let me first say, first time building a turbo car here, first standalone, and first time ever even hearing of CAN systems. I’ve done a decent amount of research, good amount of thread hunting here, but haven’t found the answer. Car is a 1995 bmw m3 s50b30 us spec. I have a plug and play g4+ ecu. Car is obd1 so I’m not sure if it has a CAN system? I have AEM x-series wideband, boost, and CAN guage, and I’m trying to tie the wideband and boost guage into the ecu CAN system, but The manual doesn’t show any CAN inputs. I’ve learned the “bus” theory, so would buying the CAN expansion harness and then tieing the gauges into the CAN +/- wires? Or do they need to go to inputs? I know the boost and wideband CAN wires are optional and don’t need to go to the ecu, so not the end of the world if I can’t integrate them with the ecu, but I’d really like to figure this CANBUS thing out. I would like to use the AEMNET CAN guage to look at water temps and oil temps and pressure, but I do not know if my cars factory sensors will communicate with the CAN out of the ecu to the guage. I haven’t hooked the ecu up to power yet because I’m lost on wiring all of this stuff up. I hope I don’t sound COMPLETELY new, but like I said I’m new here. Thank you for any help, Barrett.
  25. I have link monsoon with 4 bar map internal sensor , i have a problem with its readings , it reads on idle 4.4 psi and when i start to move it increases to 17 psi , btw my boost solonoid adjusted to max 12 psi, 1- I’m connecting a seprated vacum line direct from the intake manifold to the ecu 2- calibrated on zero rpm 3- connecting on analogue volt 5 thanks in advance :)
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