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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking at replacing my old crusty GTR R32 stock wiring harness with a G4x wire-ecu with the A and B looms, I'm a little unsure of which ecu version would work best for my application and I'm wondering if somebody has already been down this road and has a pin out of all the stock connectors for the RB26 or has any insight on this project with possible pain points with the stock components. I'm looking to add these additional sensors fuel pressure (possibly bosch fluid pressure and temperature sensor), oil pressure, oil temp, wide band, fast acting air intake sensor, flex fuel, move to e-throttle down the road so have have it tucked in the loom, boost solenoid, and prp crank and cam trigger kit. Cheers, LeightonM
  2. Hi there, i have tuning this rb34 with ross trigger setup and sensors its makes around 735hp 65kg torgue at 1.4bar but the problem when i reach 6800 rpm the crank signal goes error count more up to 30-40 time in dyno pull. my question, why the link ecu filter its not filtering till i filter it max,there were no changes. what it can cost?only crank sensor it is trigger 2 getting error at high rpm,the cam side looks fine so far.(is it design faulty from ross,i have check today online they have change the design12 tooth to sharp edge) i have change sensor priority to trigger 1,still same is this magnectic sensor not good for higher rpm?or link ecu got filtering issue so anyone any idea how to make work without error. thank you for your advise
  3. Hi all Recently my cylinder 1 spark plug has been fouling badly and becoming carbonised I have done a compression test and compression is perfect and equal across all cylinders I took a driving log and was wondering if there was anything in the log that might indicated why it is fouling up, the log is pretty big so zipped it with 7zip Thanks in advance all Log 2018-10-18 7;41;11 pm.7z
  4. Hi all Car is running fine except when I turn on the A/C it drops revs and has a tendency to stall either while idle or coming to a stop any input would be greatly appreciated, I have attached a copy of my latest PCLR and can take a log if needed Thank in advance all r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  5. Hi All I have a Gaugeart box hooked up to an LCD to show data from my ECU for my r33 GTR I have managed to get most sensors setup and working but for some reason I cannot get oil temperature to display, I am not sure if I need to enable it somewhere in the ECU or if it is enabled by default, since the r33 gtr comes with an analog display oil temp sensor originally installed in the dash I have an oil pressure sensor hooked up which is working fine. Have attached a copy of my PCLR Thanks in advance r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  6. Hi, I have had my link G4 fitted and mapped to my R33 GTR for over a year now but it recently started to hit what felt like a rev limiter or misfire at 5k while driving down the road.. After doing some basic engine ignition/ fuel checks, and all were fine. I started to look at the setting on the ecu. (I am a mechanic but have no mapping experience) I found the ignition trim for launch control was set to 5k. I have confirmed that launch control is continuously active. Launch RPM activation is set to 6k at 0 ground speed and 8k above 10 ground speed. If i turn launch control off the car will drive and rev all the way round to the RPM limit. So I am amusing the link g4 is not seeing a ground speed and think the car is always at a stop. Can anyone tell me where to check what ground speed the ecu is seeing? And what wire the signal should come down? Unit is a PnP link G4 for Nissan Skyline R33 GTR. Thanks
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