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  1. Hi Clever people! I was on the dyno today and ran into 3 problems. Background: Link Fury, Supercharged bike running E85 First one: ECU Fault Code 70 E-Throttle Min %DC Limit ECU Fault Code 73 Aux 9/10 Supply Error Engine speed limited to 1800 I got these when rolling off after WOT power-run. Key cycle fixed it but it came up again a few runs later too. I don't understand the Min %DC settings, can someone please shine some light? Second problem: Using a pressure regulated fuel pump (on AN 2) it shows idle pressure at 394kpa and it ramps up with the plenum pressure to 495kpa at 9900rpm then even though the MAP keeps increasing the fuel noses-over and drops pressure to 350kpa (obviously also gets lean) and then returns to "normal" when I roll off. You can see the AN2 dip in the middle of the attached picture. Tested the pump separate using a syringe (to replicate positive pressure on the diaphragm) and it works fine from 250-500kpa so I don't think it's the pump. Battery voltage is fine before, during and after the pressure dip. I can't find a MAP limit or any other limit that might do this but maybe I've missed something? Third problem: It's hard to start, sometimes. From cold it's pretty reliable but with some temperature in the engine it's often hard to start and I've even had to use some throttle to get it to fire (which is weird on EFI). Once warmed-up and the enrichment have ended the idle is neat but I've got something wrong in there. The fact it will start with a bit of throttle might be a clue but I don't know if its starting because the throttle adds more fuel or more air. I bet it's embarrassingly simple. The bike is making good power, 285hp at 10,000 and will make plenty more if we can get the pump to give it some fuel in the higher range. Thanks for reading! Andy. 2017 Kawasaki H2-028.pclr Log 2019-02-14 2;48;29 pm.llg
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