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Found 7 results

  1. hey guys, I English is a weak, we hit a sentence using the google translation. I want to run a Honda "Today" car on the LINK atom G4 +. I'm making a harness for that, but it doesn't work until the engine starts. This is the state of the harness currently created. ・ ECU can be started without any problem ・ ECU power supply is 12V or more ・ Intake temperature and throttle can be recognized. ・ No voltage comes to crank, cam, water temperature, O2 ・ Throttle is input incorrectly to the intake pressure ・There is no problem with the ignition coil and injector. Images such as the current harness and trigger waveforms are attached. Anyone can help me. Thank you. The Japanese language is translated below. 吸気温度 = intake air temp 水温 = water temp 吸気圧力 = intake pressure , MAP センサ = sensor JA4 wiring.webp harness.xlsx
  2. I just install linkecu atom2 on honda jazz / fit 2008 ge model can some one guide me the trigger setup ?
  3. I'm looking at putting in an G4X XtremeX into my race car with a custom loom to a K20a Euro R motor and an S2000 gearbox, running Link CAN Lambda (via B Plug) and Link Dash via CAN (via B Plug). It would be awesome if someone could eyeball the following and see if anything stands out as completely wrong. A Loom Pin Name Function Channel Assignment Notes A1 Injection 4 INJ-4 Injector Cyl 4 A2 Injection 3 INJ-3 Injector Cyl 3 A3 Injection 2 INJ-2 Injector Cyl 2 A4 Injection 1 INJ-1 Injector Cyl 1 A5 +14 volt supply +14 V ECU power supply A6 8 Volt 8V 8V Sensor supply TPS, ext map A7 Shield & trigger Ground Shield/Gnd Trigger shield & -VE gnds don't connect shields at engine end A8 Trigger 1 Trig-1 Crank Angle Sensor REF A9 Trigger 2 Trig-2 Exhaust Cam Position Sensor SYNC A10 Ignition 4 IGN-4 Coil Cyl 4 A11 Ignition 3 IGN-3 Coil Cyl 3 A12 Ignition 2 IGN-2 Coil Cyl 2 A13 Ignition 1 IGN-1 Coil Cyl 1 A14 Analog Volt 4 AV4 Fuel Pressure Sensor A15 Analog Temp Input 1 AT1 ECT Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor A16 Analog Temp Input 2 AT2 IAT Inlet Air Temperature Sensor A17 Analog Volt 1 AV1 Oil Pressure Sensor A18 Auxiliary Output 4 AUX-4 Electric Water Pump PWM Low side A19 Auxiliary Output 3 AUX-3 IACV Stock Honda K20a A20 Auxiliary Output 2 AUX-2 Vtec A21 Auxiliary Output 1 AUX-1 VTC A22 Analog Volt 2 AV2 MAP Sensor A23 Digital Input 3 DI3 Ign Switch A24 Ground Out GND Out 0V Sensor Ground To engine block A25 Ground GND ECU power ground To engine block A26 Auxiliary Output 8 AUX-8 Lift Pump Low side A27 Auxiliary Output 7 AUX-7 ECU Hold Power A28 Auxiliary Output 6 AUX-6 Fan Low side A29 Auxiliary Output 5 AUX-5 Fuel Pump Low side A30 Digital Input 1 DI1 Intake Cam Position Sensor A31 Digital Input 2 DI2 Speed Sensor Stock Honda S2000 A32 5 Volt 5V 5V sensor supply A33 Analog Volt 3 AV3 TPS TPS Main A34 Ground GND ECU power ground To engine block B Loom Pin Name Function Channel Assignment Notes B1 Injection 8 INJ-8 Outboard Injector Cyl 4 B2 Injection 7 INJ-7 Outboard Injector Cyl 3 B3 Injection 6 INJ-6 Outboard Injector Cyl 2 B4 Injection 5 INJ-5 Outboard Injector Cyl 1 B5 +14V Aux 9/10 +14 V ECU power supply B6 Temp 3 AT3 Oil Temperature B7 Temp 4 B8 Knock 2 B9 Knock 1 B10 Ignition 8 IGN-8 B11 Ignition 7 IGN-7 B12 Ignition 6 IGN-6 B13 Ignition 5 IGN-5 B14 N/C B15 Analog Volt 6 AV6 Water Pressure B16 Analog Volt 7 AV7 B17 Shield & trigger Ground Shield/Gnd don't connect shields at engine end B18 Auxiliary Output 9 AUX-9 B19 Digital Input 6 DI6 B20 Digital Input 5 DI5 B21 Digital Input 4 DI4 B22 Ground Out GND Out 0V Sensor Ground To engine block B23 Analog Volt 8 AV8 B24 Analog Volt 9 AV9 B25 Ground GND ECU power ground To engine block B26 Auxiliary Output 10 AUX-10 B27 DI 10 / CAN 2 H CAN H CAN H B28 DI 9 / CAN 2 L CAN L CAN L B29 Digital Input 8 DI8 B30 Digital Input 7 DI7 B31 Analog Volt 10 AV10 Steering Angle Sensor B32 Analog Volt 11 AV11 Rear Brake Pressure Sensor B33 Analog Volt 5 AV5 Front Brake Pressure Sensor B34 Ground GND ECU power ground To engine block Is there other sensors worth adding in or at least adding wiring for?
  4. Hey guys I have a b18cr that is currently undergoing a high compression N/A build. I haven't got my motor back from the tuners yet, but i was just wondering if i use the basemap provided by link, would i need to change anything? things to take under consideration: AEM EPS K20a coil plugs 1000cc injectors Ported intake manifold (no iacv) Big cams my mechanic told me that on the first start, use the OEM dizzy, so i will use that but im just worried about the bigger injectors, cams and that the cars got no IACV. I am aware that you can setup Idle control within the ecu without the valve. but im not sure how to do that and would that be a concern, since i will be starting a fresh motor for the first time to check for leaks before towing it 2hrs to the dyno. and the fact that the cars got bigger cams and injectors. what would setting would i need to adjust for that? Im running a obd2 PnP ecu btw. I will have a oil pressure Gauge present on the first start and i also have the CAN Lambda sensor which will give me my lambda details. thanks in advanced guys. sorry about the stupid questions, its just that this is my first ever big build and i dont want anything to go wrong on the first start
  5. Hai, Greetings All, i am Dinie From Malaysia. I am new with link ecu. I have a project, honda D16 engine. Recently, i install link civic(95) plugin to the car, do the COP setup. I still use the original distributor as a trigger, do the ignition test and all my coil did the spark. But the car still wont start. I really appreciate all the help.thank you
  6. Hi I am currently converting my distributor style to coil on plug and wanting to control trigger inputs through a 12 tooth crank wheel with a hall effect sensor and a single pulse cam position with a hall effect sensor. Just wanting to know what the pinout is for both trigger one and trigger 2
  7. ahizou

    L15A trigger

    hi i'm Japanese i have link g4 storm I am in trouble by trigger error count trigger setting   do not know use k20a preset There was a person I could not use it l15a trigger scope     I saw it. The waveform is different from the TDC of the image that was in the k20 forum The waveform is generated only on the + side Is wiring different? I want to solve it thank you
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