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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I have 2 questions about contacting the oil temp sensor to the ecu, I'll hope someone here can help me.. 1. I installed aem temp sensor and now I need to contact it to the expansion loom, I have the diagram so I know where to contact it but what I need to do after? How I create temp alerts? 2. My tuner looked the ecu with password so I want to know if I need him for this process - contacting the sensor to the ecu as I ask above? My car is Impreza 00 classic with link g4 plus. Thank you Guy
  2. Hi there all, i am facing a problem that i can not solve and i would like to know if anyone has face anything like this before. I am having the oem ecu and i am running with it for example at 1.5 bar of boost 20o advance and with the link now i am having 10o less.... and it is still doing some noise on the knock control. i have checked everything from the trigger to all the configurations... can anyone explain that please?? Thank you in advance Ted p.s. this is my map file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u2cx1ZBQ66FVdE6DoaYb8im1vIODOZun/view?usp=sharing even that i am running less advance the car goes same or even better when i am running the oem ecu
  3. Tim D

    Knock and IAT

    Hi... Please could someone advise on a Det query on Impreza STI? I spent a lot of time setting up knock control (frequency analysis, det cans, inducing controlled knock etc...) and got a really responsive setup and running completely knock free. This was in the summer months when it was 20 degrees C. Now it's colder (freezing), on occasion, the system detects a single knock event around maximum torque (5500 rpm, 240 kpa, see attached). Would you use the IAT Ign Trim table to resolve this? It's currently set to remove timing at high IAT only (see attached). Thanks
  4. Hello All, I am new to the LINK Community. In simple terms, I just bought my wrx4+ and I will be looking to map it myself as I did before with my old ecu. I am looking to see if anyone could perhaps share some info in regards with my first off setup, because the old ecu, was brilliant in the fact it was simple to use, few tables etc. I knew what i wanted to do and where that simple table is to be found, where the PC LINK can get a bit overwhelming, specially as I get sidetracked all the time by see all the nittygritty stuff (good stuff tho) . So I guess, first question is if there's a topic / video going trough PC Link main features? [I been watching HPA's videos for most of the stuff already, however I'm wondering if there is like a basic one on software only, and how to find what you looking for in there, as I found the software with all these features can get complicated very fast]. Hard to explain myself here I guess, but in a way I'm looking for like the newcomers' guide to Link lol. Secondly, looking at my spec: MDX321T turbo coupled with the Newage STI 565cc subaru (830cc@3bar) decapped injectors , I am interested if anyone has some standard data for setting the injector dead times or some basic settings I could start them off from.. On my old ecu I didn't have access to this data, and it was just a scaler, which meant that during the initial part of an acceleration run I was getting a huge spike of rich fuel, and I would like to avoid this for the new setup. 3.I was also running 4bar of fuel rail pressure, relative to manifold, this was giving me very steady idle, however I'm guessing that if I can better control the injectors, I should be able to lower the fuel rail pressure, or shall I keep it as the injector spray pattern should be better at this high pressure anyways ? Obviously this pressure will affect my dead times too, this is why is confusing to me. The fuel system itself can take it, as is fully built up using new piping, parallel fuel fed to injectors all coupled with AN fittings. 4. ECU Knock = WRX4+ has this built in, however when I browsed the base map, I didn't see it enabled. Should I enable it with the OEM knock sensor ? If yes again, anyone could share what they use for the knock settings? Secondly, shall/can I buy a wideband knock sensor and set that up on it instead? 5. Looking at fuel/ignition tables not sure if because I was browsing the base-map without being connected to ECU but it seems to me that the manifold pressure used is an absolute value? Is that true ? if yes, any reason why not to change it to what i'm used to (as in relative to atmospheric pressure). That's about it I guess, ecu's still not in car (pending delivery). the link can lambda is also going to go in, however I'm expecting that to come with instructions and presets. Full spec, just in case you have questions is 2.1 Stroker version 4 sti heads, Lateral MDX321T turbo gt spec headers and 3"full exhaust. and about that, rest is all standard supporting mods, like front mount, 3 port etc. On my old map i made it to 409 but, but i didn't push hard or anything, as it was the first time i mapped it, and goal was just to take it to 400, plenty more to come from the setup with this new ecu now in hand. Thanks and sorry for the long post.
  5. Is it possible to configure a throttle blip on down shifts with standard H pattern manual gearbox? I previously had this feature on the standard Subaru ECU using EcuTek RaceRom which worked quite well.
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