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Found 4 results

  1. i have a set of 14Ω Injectors, and i have ordered a plug in link g4+ and the manual says. "The G4+ VLLink Plug-In ECU has been designed to run directly with factory fitted 3Ω low impedance injectors. This means that ballast resistors are not required when installing this G4+ Plug-In ECU. Peak and Hold injection is used to control the factory injectors. When upgrading injectors, it is important to select injectors of correct impedance (2Ω to 3Ω). Please contact your nearest Link dealer directly for more information." do i need to get low impedance Injectors? or can i change the set
  2. Hello, I have Vipec V44. My engine is 4 cylinders. I have 8 units of siemens deka 630cc. I would like to run staged injection on the vipec. 4 injectors would run all the time. 4 more will operate on higher load. And they will split 50/50. On higher loads injectors will operate at the same pulse. Is it possible to do that on V44? How should I wire those 8 injectors? Maybe someone has a scheme or something?
  3. Hi , I am new to vipec , and about to install a vipec v88 for a 2jz engine. It runs on peak and hold injectors but i cant seem to find the table where i can adjust peak and hold times. Is it locked in the ecu ? if i a want to run bigger injectors than stock e.g1250 cc. Will they work just by changing the dead times ? I am using firmware 4.10.2 Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have recently done an engine conversion from a ca18det to an s15 sr20det vct. Finished hooking up everything and had my link atom wired in but when I go to start my car the injectors aren't firing into the cylinders. The fuel pump is hardwired to the battery and there is fuel going in and out of the fuel rail how ever no injectors are firing. Does anyone have a pin layout for wiring a g4 atom into an s15 loom? I assume the problem is that the ecu is not sending a pulse to the injectors but I have no idea where to start with sorting out that problem. Also, is there a way to check on the p
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