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Found 17 results

  1. Hi I need help I have wired in a ECU Master CAN to LAMBDA into the ECU but I am struggling to get the find it on the Link G4+ software, I have tried all the CAN ID's I could find on the internet but still no luck. I am selecting the wrong information please see attached screen shot
  2. I have absolutely no tune on my 4age except for the startup map my wiring harness guy did. He told me to get an AFR gauge so I did. It's a AEM X gauge and it causing me some issues. My wiring harness has a wbo2 input with a white and brown wire but when connected to my sensor gauge it gets no input in the ecu. I'm running a monsoonX btw. The gauge reads 25 afr at idle but my idle doesnt work at all. Any help would be appreciated as the engine is brand new rebuilt.
  3. Hey guys, just got my 3sge beams engine running in my corolla with the Link g4+ monsoon and a harness built by Panic Wire. I'm having some issues with my Link Can-Lambda unit though. There was originally an OBD plug with the power, ground, can H, & can L wires I needed for the 02 in the Panic ECU harness. So I cut the plug out and soldered a new extension to the 4-way deutsch lambda plug. I originally had the wires mixed up due to the wire colors being different than the link pin diagram. Panic uses the universal can-obd wire colors. It is now wired with 12v to the power and 2.4v for both can H & can L. He also said it should be fine that I connect straight to those 4 wires and do not need a relay or capacitor. Now the issue, in the "runtime values" the CAN tab shows all green/ok but in the ECU STATUS the lambda 1 error displays 26 battery under voltage, then 33 open circut APE-IPE, and 16 heated too long. The status goes back and forth from diagnostic to calibration and the temperature back and forth from 32f to 750f or so. AFR always reads 10.08. Voltage is around 13.5v. I also setup the can setting to the link ecu specifications on the site. I will attach a log file showing the info and could use some help with this. Should I wire it differently, was the unit damaged by having the pins mixed up at first, or are there some settings I should change? Any insight would be most appreciated and thanks for reading. lambda error.llg beams.pclr
  4. Ronny Beeler

    Lambda signal

    Hello there ich have a Problem and i Need help the Problem is AFR Average has no value, but the an4 NB Oxy sensor works, why does the ecu dosn't caluclate this?
  5. TL;DR: Add a 22uF capacitor to your CAN-Lambda, as close as humanly possible to the device. Nasty problem with my CAN-Lambda. On startup, watching the runtime values "ECU Status" tab, Lambda 1 box: Before startup, it's OK/diagnostic/waiting for rpm. After startup it cycles. Calibration Heating Error After heating code 33 Open circuit APE-IPE code 16 Heated too long While heating, the temperature very rapidly rises to 500-600c (2-4 seconds depending on exhaust gas temperature) before the code 16. What I've tried: Carefully inspected wiring harness on o2 sensors. No issues. Carefully inspected wiring harness on CAN-Lambda. No visible issues, but I couldn't disassemble the pins to verify the crimps on APE and IPE wires (lack special tool or understanding of connector). Replaced o2 sensor with a brand new one from Amazon. Exactly the same behavior. Allowed the engine to reach operating temperature with mixed low and high idle. Verified 0 CAN 1 Receive Error Counter. Verified 0 CAN 1 Transmit Error Counter. Verified 0 ECU Fault Codes Verified operating battery voltage 14.2v Log file is attached. Observe parameters Lambda 1, Lambda 1 Error, Lambda 1 Status, Lambda 1 Temp to see the cycle. It's the same with both LSU 4.9 sensors I've tried. Pclr is attached for 4age 20v engine. It's a work in progress. Log 2017-02-16 9;36;52 pm.llg 4age 20v.pclr
  6. I’m setting up my NS13+ in my S14 and wondering what type of wideband Lambda controller to run. I want a gauge. Can I run a gauge from either the Link CAN Lambda controller or one of the outputs from the ECU? or is it best to run something like a Innovate or AEM gauge with a analog input into the Link?
  7. HELP PLEASE!!! I have a Aem UGO Wideband that is currently setup on ANVolt 4 it is currently working but it reading only Lambda. I have all my settings to read AFR on both metric and Imperial but it still Reads Lambda/sensor Volt in my logs I have the Gauge setup per instructions and still no luck. Any help would be Great Thanks, Devin
  8. 2004 USDM STI. Having an issue with the Auto Mode (Wide Band) for Closed Loop Lambda. Wideband is wired to Lambda 1, Quick Tune and Auto Tune functions work. Wideband reports correctly in PClink. When i enable Closed Loop Lambda, i get ZERO corrections, both in stoich and auto wideband modes, its like it just doesnt turn on. Ive gone over my settings on the table and have played with them up and down and cant get any correction to happen. Attached is screen shot from the current configuration. Its gotta be a simple setting im missing.
  9. Hi I'm using Fury and I am controlling LSU4.9 BOSCH lambda sensor with fury internal lambda sensor controller. I have connected the cables completely as same as the instructions in the Online Help. But I'm receiving these errors. Do you have any suggestions? One thing that I'm worried about is, I'm using +14V(A connector pin 5) as the Ignition +12V input(LSU 4.9 pin 4). I read the instructions of the LSU 4.9 and it says. "Power supply H+ nominal 7.5 V" "System supply voltage 10.8 V to 16.5 V" I don't have 12V output in my ECU so I can only use +14V cable or the +8V cable on the A connector of my Fury ECU. Am I doing some thing wrong or any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.(^^♪ http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/media/catalog_resources/Lambda_Sensor_LSU_49_Datasheet_51_en_2779147659pdf.pdf
  10. Hey guys I have a weird situation here. When i enable the CLL function (auto mode wideband) at wot the target is 11.5 afr and the CLL is stuck at max clamp and the AFR is 10.8. Why isn't pulling the fuel back? I played with the gain features without any luck. I wired analog input from AEM Wideband gauge. Lambda avarage is reading lean.
  11. The Nissan PnP's have a built in canbus resistor ( normally 1 for 1 end of the canbus trunk, so can we get away when just adding 1 item to the canbus without making a canbus trunk ended with resistor? Would make running the excellent Link cambus lambda a lot easier and quicker. Thanks
  12. We have an issue with a Link CANBUS Lambda I feel it is something with data-rate/communication as the Lambda unit needs connecting to battery 12v to make it work , connecting it to a ignition switched live stops the unit outputting any data ( no canbus faults shown in CAN F12) We are also using the same canbus trunk to run a Race Tech Dash and this works all the time and removing this item from the canbus set up does not allow the Lambda unit to work. We are using a Link Lambda unit on a Thunder ECU. car was designed to run a earlier Link ECU (Extreme) before the Thunder was released so we specced the car with a Link Canbus Lambda and not to use the Lambda set up to drive the LSU connected direct to the Thunder. Software sees the CANBUS unit in the CANBUS folder under CAN devices and with the unit connected to the battery we get data from the unit. We are using Firmware 3240 as when we built the map we couldn't get the motor to run using dual fuel maps turned on. We have since not used the dual maps in the tune but it will be needed at a later date ( Simon said there was a bug in the software with the latest firmware that prevent any injector output when dual maps are used as overlay) CAL file is attached Thanks ACORN PS13_V6 ECU BUILT ON THUNDER BASE NEW FIRMWARE_MAP 17 TEMP FINAL playing wth canbus.pclr
  13. Hi, I've been customizing the gauges in the PC Link software, all went good the way i like them to be, but when i exit and re-enter the software, the tacho & lambda gauges change and return to default layout ! I tried on two separate laptops, but i get the same problem ! On the tacho gauge, i set it to *1000 and only to show 1 decimal from 0 to 8 k , but when i re-enter the software it returns to showing 4 digits, like 1000 rpm instead of 1
  14. Anthony Parle

    Wideband O2

    Just setting up a G4+ Thunder and it came across as Lambda no longer wide band Have we stopped expressing AF ratio in 14.7 and now moved the table to 0 to 5V? Thanks
  15. Hi. Im looking for example solutions for solving engine protection strategies for the following and similar, Lambda VS MAP - Safety function to monitor the lambda value vs MAP and either generate alarm, lower rpm limit, retard etc etc if violated. code example; if Lambda >0.85 @ MAP >160kPa = activate MAP limit 2(=150kPa) + DO 6 for alarm if Lambda >0.80 @ MAP >200kPa = activate MAP limit 2(=150kPa) + DO 6 for alarm (functions can be handle by Internal AUX logic so that part should be ok, the base tables are my main question) Other example; Oil pressure vs RPM - Safety function to monitor oil pressure value vs RPM and etc etc as above How do you solve these functions on the Link/vipec ECU`s?
  16. mr2madben


    hi I have a g4 link ecu and would like to view the afr in lambda. how do I do this? thanks
  17. I found that Fury's internal lambda controller reading is always 0.5 AFR leaner than LM-2 LSU4.9 and AEM UEGO LSU4.9. The test used two LSU4.9 sensors for 3 devices, sensors were cross swapped during test, same result, updated Fury fw. to 5.4.3, same result. LM-2 and AEM read consistently 0.1 AFR diff. I also compared LM-2 to several other AEMs(no pictures), very same result. I think LM-2 is something can be trusted. Any suggestion?
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