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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone. I am experiencing some trouble with my ignition setup on my M50B29 Vanos engine with Link G4 with V4.10.2 firmware from 2014. Background: The car was initially built in 2011 with a M50B28 non vanos engine with pretty sporty cat cams and have been working fine until I totally rebuilt the engine to a hybrid M50B29 with a vanos unit mounted on an non vanos head to get 7mm valve shafts. head also have dual intake cams from M54 and M50, M54 on intake and M50 on exhaust. This to make the engine a little more calm on low revs. I experienced some troubles with the previous set
  2. Hi, I recently had my car mapped by an "old school" Japanese tuner who is accustomed to dealing with the HKS V-Pro; mine is the first Link he has ever done. The car made good power on the dyno and runs well, but the idle is just a little bit more lumpy than I would expect and I'm wondering if someone wouldn't mind taking a look at the map. The tuner says the injectors are to blame but I want to make sure there isn't anything else that could be cleaned up at all. The engine is an RB26dett running multiple throttles and stock turbos with Bosch EV14 1000cc injectors and R35 GT-R ignition coils.
  3. R24

    G4 Info Display

    Dear friends, Need help on the info display issues I am having. I have a mini PC to connected to the ecu to display the informations on the dash screen. I have since turn on the Auto mode in the connection preferences but the ECU will go offline everytime I start up the PC back. I have tried saving the file and renaming but still the same. The PC runs on the new G4+ link firmware version, but I haven't updated the ECU firmware as I dont want to mess with the settings. Any idea what should I do?
  4. Good afternoon, I have had a Link G4 in my r32 for a while now and have just gone from an RB25/30 to an RB26 in my r32 gts4. The whole loom and drive line has been converted over. I'm currently running a Garrett T04z and would like to push the engine setup beyond the realms of the On board 1.5 bar map sensor. I would also like to do this without potentially having an aftermarket boost controller and just be able to run it directly from the on board computer. Is there a map sensor that I can upgrade too on the board itself? I do have an extension cable for the IAT that had to be mounted for the
  5. Hi, Two questions; I have a problem, when installing my Link G4 PNP Evo 4-8, my fan started on full speed, is there something i need to change regarding pin setup or similar?Should i run with a resistor plug if i run High Impedance Injectors?
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