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Found 5 results

  1. Couldn't find something like this with the search function, so here my question. Is it possible to show the dutycycle of a GP PWM output in a logfile on a link g4+ thunder? I'm using aux 2 as GP PWM with a 2D table to control my turbo precontrol solenoid on my FD RX-7. Only thing I found was A2 (status) when looking through the logfile, but that's not the right thing... A2 (status) only shows "ON" the whole time, regardless of the % dutycycle. So I don't know the dutycycle of the output when I'm looking at my datalog. Cheers Toni
  2. Hello It would be really nice if you upgraded the logging features to include a track view with the ability to render the track with the help of a g-force sensor or gps data import. Also with a simple Video render feature like the one AEMData have i think this would make Link both more of a "professional" tool (evaluate driving/chassis) and "in-line" with todays demand to use actioncams everywhere. These features with the "Vehicle plan" next to it would look really nice. Also when configuring analog inputs you are not able to input negative values even if you choose "Output units" to be "NONE", Only Celcius can go sub-zero and then you can change to NONE and keep the negative values. To be able to mount an aftermarket G-sensor it would look nice to have G as a Output units in the cal tables. And also a filter function if you really want to add support for aftermarket sensors and make the data look smooth.
  3. Hey guys I've just been searching on this and can't seem to find my answer... I have been road tuning with my KnockBlock G4+ unit, which is great, but I just noticed that the KnockBlock tech specs say that I can use the output for knock sensor freq output in PCLink which would make life so much easier given that I also have a KnockLink hooked up that I watch very closely The ECU I am using on this particular car is a Monsoon, which appears to have a 0-5V analogue input available for knock but I can't seem to find any data on what the audio output from the KnockBlock is... or whether I can in fact just wire a 3.5mm audio jack from the output straight into the ECU? Cheers and happy Friday! Tim
  4. hi , Im trying to log my cylinder pressure during ignition and how my tune if effecting the ignition pressure i have connected an analog in cylinder pizo sensor with 0-5v output connected to my link analog input and i have set the calibration table as provided by the manufacturer till 2000r pm the pressure is shown and it seems logical but after 2000 rpm it 0 any ideas on how to log the in cylinder pressor til 7000 rpm thanks
  5. Hi team, I'm about to purchase a Link Thunder Ecu. It has many more inputs than the other ECU's but the logging memory is the same as the Fury. Is there any way or are there any plans to increase the logging memory capacity? If I want to compete in 1 hour or 3 hour racing, the memory will be full before the end of the race. Cheers, Mike
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