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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I've been lurking the forums for quite a while and found the information here very useful. That said, i have a little problem with my current BMW M54, swapped into an E36, and couldn't find any information on this. Engine is a M54B30, but vanos has been converted to single vanos to make it look like an M50. I have used a timing light to align the trigger offset angle to the mark on the block, and tried adding 360 degrees to it as well, but car still does not start. I have uploaded my base map for your kind perusal. If you guys have any idea why the car is not starting please give me some advice! Thank you. Kevin Dylan m50b30.pclr
  2. Hi guys, am having issues with a modified M54B30 running on a G4+ E36 ecu. Engine changes are Vanos delete with cams locked at 0º advance, M50B25 intake, ICV & throttle body, M43B19 VR block mounted type crank sensor, M50B25 intake cam sensor, AFM & charcoal canister delete. Cams & injectors are factory. Am looking for a latency table to suit. So far the only numbers I've come across are here : but I'm not 100% convinced they're accurate. Also, as there are no published values for 7,9,11,13 & 15v I've used the midway point as a guesstimate. Is this regarded as acceptable? Could anyone please share the numbers they've used? This is the first time I've taken on a project like this, your advice & patience are appreciated!
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