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Found 8 results

  1. Howdy, Im in the process of setting up a g4+ pnp in my bmw e36 at the moment and currently just working out the MAP sensor. Im looking at either using the internal MAP sensor or running it through the AFM wiring and just had some questions about each methods. 1. If using internal MAP do I only need to hook it up to a pressure source? I can see its hooked up to An Volt 6, is there anything I should be connecting there or is that just stated for calibration purposes? 2. If running through AFM, since my AFM signal is already ran into the correct pin do I actually need to do anything else? Or would that already be done and can just set it up as is when calibrating 3. Should I just hook up both of these options? Also if Im missing anything please let me know haha! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all I've found a g4 used one, which I assume from what I've searched here that it supports 1.5 bar of boost, since all the g4 internal map sensors were the 2.5 bar link, correct or not? In fact, how can I be sure what map this ecu has got installed? Can I find somewhere an internal one to replace this with a higher one? For example in the Lem G3 (one that I'm using now by the way) there were different versions you could order with 2.5 bar or 5 bar option. Internal map sensor is An Voltage 5, right? So if there isn't any option of replacing the internal map sensor and I was to install an external map sensor I would use one of the others An Volt, right? And if I choose one for example the 4 bar Link map, how would I choose it? Just map sensor at the analaog drop down menu and 4 bar underneath? Thanks
  3. Hello Guys, Im new to the Forum I got couple questions for the PRO's In this room > I have a 2JZ VVTI Customized Engine ( A to Z ) 3.4 L I have 2 MAPS im going to attach, Both are working perfect, Lucky for the 2jz vvti Car owners, They can use my map's ( Im Not responsible about any damage to you car ) Ok I tuned my car in 2 different Engineers And im not sure which one is right, both tuned the car Ignition and fuel table, I need to make sure the value's Of the Ignition and fuel are correct. I have the following setup 750 cc Bosh Injectors with 4 Bar Fuel Pressure Single Turbo dual bearing set at 1.8 BAR starts @ 2500 RPM Using 98 Octane Fuel Off course the biggest intercooler , AKS dump valve , External WAsteGate, MONSON ECU Appreciate Your thoughts and advice the car is running great but not perfect, i know there is something wrong with the ignition and fuel Holding the car power back, i know i can get much more power Of such engine I set my AFR to 13.7 2jz-1.pclr 2jz-1-extreme.pclr
  4. hi all I have a link G4+ storm Ecu and I have put a 1jz vvti into my Lexus IS200. Could anyone help with a base map for timing and fuel. All is standard setup. Many thanks!!
  5. dynonrw

    Base Map 350Z VQ35

    Hello guys , i will be running a 350Z VQ35 engine on a G4 ecu ,i am interested in help, or if some one can provide me a base map for this engine . Thank you in advance ... dynonrw
  6. I have the older style silver MAP sensor I brought from you guys a few years back any chance you can tell me the voltage pressure scale relationship. I am logging the manifold pressure of a engine with the original ECU using the silver Link MAP sensor so I can use that info to make it easier for me to do the change to a G4. I think from memory it was a 2.5 Bar MAP Also I am setting up the fuel and timing table with rpm & MAP as the two scales is that the best way or is there other inputs that should be used for the tables?
  7. Hey guys. Just been in the process of swapping ecus, from my old Link G4 Xtreme (Red) to my new G4+ Fury. My question is, is there an easy way to transfer over my current maps from the older G4 software, to the newer G4+ ? As the older .pcl files will not open in the newer G4+ software. Am I going to be limited to opening both PC Link versions side-by-side on my laptop, and transfer each setting/table manually? Or is there an easier way? Cheers Ian
  8. cams

    G4+ ECU questions

    Hi, I'm in the progress of choosing a standalone ECU for my Toyota 3SGTE engine. Basically the engine has upgraded turbo and need to cope with much larger amount of fuel and air. I'm looking for a ECU which is able to support dual fuel map switching with a flip switch, as well as capability to control a (much) larger flow external fuel injector besides the stock ones. I'm wondering could Link G4+ Atom able to do these? if not, what is the model that's recommended? Thanks!
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