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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I just installed the EvoLink in my Evo 3. Car is basically stock, fuel pump is a bit bigger (Walbro 255). I took it to dyno for tuning, and tuner said that the ignition values in the table are going crazy high and make no sense. We made sure that the ignition timing is fine. We were able to take the values higher and higher and more kW just kept coming, but then we just ran out of courage to put higher values in there and left it in 274 horsepowers, which is basically stock. Are these normal ignition values in Link? Is this somekind of feature in Link or did we miss a table or something? Any information would be highly appreciated, I also have the whole map if needed.
  2. Hello! I´ve been having issues with my idle on my 4g63 (eclipse 1993) So I´ve been working with the ISC on closed loop, I have the RPM lockout higher than my targets and for the most part it seems fine however every once in a while it falls under 800rpm and normally stalls if I dont hit the gas pedal, I´ve changed all the setting the AFR is stable doesnt fluctuate however it always seems to have the same problem. the logs are atatched the stall is almost at the end idle stall.llg
  3. I need help to start my 4g69 mivec I grinded the stock crank trigger gear from 36-2-1 to 12-1 and I was planning to run it batch fire, only on crank trigger. This setup works on another car with the exact same engine and trigger wheel but different ecu, with Link ECU it reads 1000+ rpm just cranking with starter motor. I tried playing with all the settings, no hope, so I decided to switch the whole trigger setup to mitsubishi evo by installing the cam and crank trigger gears from 4g63 also cam and crank sensors from 4g63 and applied all the evo 7 trigger settings from the ecu help manaul. Now when I open runtime values when cranking, Trig1 and Trig2 are highligted green and (yes), trigger error keeps counting and the rpm doesn't rise above 0. I need to start the car with either 4g63 setup or the old 12-1 setup and if anyone knows another different way to start this engine I would really appreciate the help. attached are pictures for the two triggers.
  4. KK GDI

    Split injection

    Hello there, is it possible to split injection into two parts to increase cooling efficiancy? I am using a Mitsubishi 4G93 GDI with high compression and turbocharging, and it is missfireing if i do not trastically decrease the ignition timing under higher loads. If I could inject twice within one cycle, It would be really helpful to decrease cylinder temperature. Thanks Best regards from Zwickau, Germany
  5. Hello there, I am working on setting up a Mitsubishi GDI engine with the Force GDI ECU. I am using the ICS servo (dual coil, with 2x2 Minus, and 2 Plus) at Aux 5,6,7,8. Now I am also wanted to connect my EGR system, which is also a servo with 4 signal wires and two coils. Any idea how I can connect this? Also -the purge valve -one On/of bypassvalve -one dutycycle bypassvalve are there to connect. Next thing (Maybe I will open another topic) is the construction of the High pressure Fuel pump. As far as I saw it, it is hardware controlled, and there is just a sensor to read the pressure. Am I able to use the ecu like that, without any pump valve connected?
  6. Hey guys, I have a v44 ecu I'm trying to to setup to suit a mitsubishi 4G93 engine, 1.8L (2000) i have setup most things as copied from evo 6 wiring diagrams (evo 6 stock ecu runs this engine with no wiring changes) i have hooked up pin 4, 17 (coil a) 5, 18 (coil b ) to aux 5, 6 7,8 respectively, assigned the outputs and as isc stepper, i get the stepper move when key on but it just opens fully and causes lean condition, when swapping wires around I can get it to fully close, but no combination will get it to work correctly, I have tried bi Polar and unipolar settings neither works as it should. Wondering If anyone has faced the same issue and knows how to fix it, cheers!
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if the AIM MXL Pista race display works with Link G4+ PnP ecu for Evo 5-8? Thanks already!
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