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Found 16 results

  1. Hey All, 1983 datsun-nissan 280zx NA L28e engine (straight 6) with efi, On a fuel rail with high impedance injectors, pace setter headers, innovate wideband, Stock ignition system, flaming river coil with 1.4 ohm resistance ngk stock plugs, ngk HT leads. Newer to distributor engines, and struggling with wiring the distributor from the link, the NA distributor doesn't have a CAS and has the e12-92 ignition module on two connectors to it, top connector with Pins B C and side connector I W I Tried wiring the Link ignition 1 wire to the B or the dizzy but no spark, I get spark without the ecu hooked up. Any thoughts on where to run the Ignition 1 wire? And thoughts on trigger wires? I feel like I'm missing something ridiculously obvious. Thanks everyone! Oh also attached is what my config file so far. -Nic 280zx l28e na base map setup 4.pclx
  2. I am looking for the right equipment for my 2000 Nissan sentra se 2.0 with a sr20de engine. Converting from n/a to turbo and from fwd to awd .
  3. Hello, We have a Nissan Skyline R33 with an RB26 engine and we have a really Strange Problem! It has a G4+ Plugin Link installed .The Car Hits the Rev Limiter Early! Sometimes at 5000Rpm and Sometimes at 6800. The Rev Limiter is set to 7200 without the advanced tables. We Swapped the whole Wiring with a Mil-spec one, we have Replaced the Trigger Setup with a 24 Missing 1 tooth and a Reluctor Sensor, We messed with the Filtering and the Arm threshold Setup, and now we are going to Replace The coils for Test! Anyone who have any Similar Issue or may know anything? I attached 3 Log Files i Recorded (I can send with more details if you need) and also i attached a photo where the limiter "hit" at 13500RPM but the car never passed the 6800 actually. Thank you for your time! Log Skyline.llg Log 2021-01-7 6;20;30 pm.llg Log 2021-01-7 6;21;13 pm.llg
  4. Any one got a 350Z HR motor running on a Thunder G4+ yet, I have the throttles all set up , engine is in a Zed still but using a Boomslang patch loom that keeps the stock ECU for canbus duties' any info on trigger offset and cam control would be a great help
  5. Hi All. I am having some trigger issues with my VH45 swapped Nissan Patrol. I am at the stage of setting timing trigger offset, but i am getting errors with the rpm when cranking, when doing so it spikes and i get an RPM limit activated error. I am no longer using the factory CAS disc, i have converted to a AEM 24-1 trigger disc. I have tried trigger filtering but this makes things worse. Anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong.
  6. dyno tuned made 251whp 259tq engine is completely stock
  7. mr609

    Old Link Plus

    Please help. I have a old Link Plus ECU. Sticker on the side says Nissn LPV14 110204. It is suppose to run my race truck (which is a term I use loosely). The motor is a vh45 turbo and runs way to rich and struggles to start as well as perform like it should. I have been told that the ECU would struggle to run this motor. Can anyone shed some light Cheers
  8. Hey guys, im fairly new to the turbo game and I just bought a G4+ Plugin (Being shipped as I type) and I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could answer for me. Id like to use the Electronic boost controller function of the G4+, Just not entirely sure what I need to buy on top of the ECU, would a new boost solenoid be essential? In cabin adjustment would be great! Would I also benefit from a wide-band 02 Sensor? or is there a more reliable sensor setup I could integrate with the G4+? Cheers again for the help, Dane
  9. Hi, I'm looking at a few options for an ECU for my current TB48 Turbo build. I will be running the ECU as a piggyback and I can get a V88 at a decent price. As I've heard these are a great ECU would it suit the needs of this application as I'm only in need of fuel and ignition control. Also would anyone have a base map to start with by any chance? For the same price I can get a Haltech Elite 750 though I've heard the Link/Vipec is a better option. Cheers
  10. I am about to buy a GTRlink plugin for my r32 skyline with a 25det engine out of a r33 with 25det ecu and 20det loom with vct working. Is this the correct link that i need. Cheers.
  11. Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to configure an hybrid CAM/CRANK trigger or if it as to be "hard coded" like the "NISSAN 360 Opto" option? I'd like to use the reset based on NISSAN 360 Opto (0º, 180º, 360º, 540º), that I already have installed on the CAM, and a 60 teeth wheel placed on the crank (one tooth is equivalent to 6º crank revolution). To my understanding and I might be wrong, the NISSAN cam trigger has 2 portions the resets with 4 slots one big that corresponds to 30º or 15 slots, the next corresponds to 22º or 11 slots, next 12º or 6 slots, and finally the smallest corresponds to 6º or 3 slots, and with this setup NISSAN doesn't need more than 1/4!? of a revolution to know where it is exactly (knowing that for each of the reset positions pulses it sees 15, 11, 6 or 3 pulses corresponding to the 0º, 180º, 360º, 540º angle position). The second portion are 360 slots corresponding to 2º, the part that is troublesome because of belt slop and or some other CAM related harmonics and it start to have erratic readings on higher RPMs even applying the highest filter possible. The change I need is to have the reset slots pulses correspond to different angle pulses (0º correspond to 5 pulses), (180º correspond to 3 pulses), (360º correspond to 2 pulses), (540º correspond to 1 pulse) of the crank wheel. I don't know how well explained this is, but hopefully someone understands where I'm getting with this. Setup: LINK G4+ THUNTHER on a NISSAN 300ZX Thanks for the help.
  12. dynonrw

    Base Map 350Z VQ35

    Hello guys , i will be running a 350Z VQ35 engine on a G4 ecu ,i am interested in help, or if some one can provide me a base map for this engine . Thank you in advance ... dynonrw
  13. Hi there Which sensors would be recommend plug and play to easily integrate with the link g4+ ecu for my rb26dett engine please Want to monitor all the main important information, oil pressure, water temp, egt, o2 etc etc I currently have the HKS camp 2 additional sensors, could they just be wired in ? https://www.nengun.com/hks/camp-2 Will I also need the XS expansion loom ? Would it also be worth fitting the Link igniter ? Thank you in advance
  14. Hi There, I am trying to log my ADM S15's vehicle speed using the ECU logging, however when i use the LR wheel speed (DI5) sensor input it comes up with 0. My speedo and everything works with no issues but it seems as though the ECU cannot read my vehicle speed? I have also tried logging using the laptop reading every sensor and all of the listed vehicle speed sensors had no readings. Any suggestions? as this limits some of the gear specific mapping and traction control functions i'd like to look into. Cheers
  15. Hi all, I was originally going to buy a d-jetro power fc for rps13 180x running a s2 sr20det non vvl, but i came to my senses and brought a link g4+ plug in from NZEFI, unfortunately i sold my ecu and have not been able to find another as they aren't for sale separately from engine packages, My question is are there any other nissan ecu cases that will fit my link into, i see on trademe there is a rb25det manual turbo case for sale which i plan to purchase if the header plug is the same width and length, any other suggestions, i have asked around tuning shops but they give them back to the owners and wreckers wont hold onto ecu that old thanks in advance
  16. I was wondering if anyone has base tune for 1uz out there.
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