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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Is there a reason the Digital Gauges are "disabled" during log playback and are only functional during live PC Connection? Or is there a setting available to turn them on permanently? I noticed this testing the Haltech ESP software - any configured "Digital Gauges" are live both during PC Connection/Vehicle Running and Log Playback. As an example - it would make troubleshooting easier watching the Digital MAP Limit gauge *flash* as it does when vehicle is live, rather than trying to pick out "MAP Limit (psi)" vs "MAP Limit" from the parameter list and looking for a line "step" indication in a 60min log file. Currently a whole page of Digital Gauges can be added - but these are immediately redundant once you disconnect from the ECU. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I've been watching HP academy courses on Link G4 ECUs but I've notice I don't have the same parameters then what I seen no the video. Is it normal or is there a problem? HP Academy display: My display:
  3. I'm reading through the manual and I'm unsure if i need to power the +14 on the b connector. As the ecu was given to me I don't know what firmware its got to select the correct pc link software [ Board Rev 1.2 Serial #15929 ] Also when i connect it to the computer its unrecognised by the computer and doesn't try to install drives like the manual says. Can not update firmware as the program can't find the ecu I don't know any history on it and don't even know if its working Any help would be great, i just want to see if its working Cheers
  4. Tim D


    Has anyone experienced problems with data logging freezing/stuttering? Picture below showing what I mean (no activity either side of cursor). In my case, switching off cortana fixed the problem... (who wants cortana anyway?)
  5. Hi guys, We've done a wee release to fix a few of the pressing firmware issues. PCLink hasn't changed so the release notes below will be for the previous release. As always, here's how to update your firmware the best way: Post here if you find any issues.
  6. I have a 2017 Lenovo Yoga 710 using Windows 10. I've disabled auto-sleep while on battery. I went for a drive, roughly 90 minutes, to capture a wide data set for honing my mixture map. Upon return and looking at my laptop screen, I found PCLink had crashed some time earlier. This is a typical experience driving and logging. I frequently find PCLink crashing and losing my valuable logs. My crash dialog box is still up, is there possibly a temporary folder under "AppData" or somewhere that the log data is cached before saving? :-( I tried to get a procdump and attempted to list file handles via sysinternals tools, but the process is not in a suitable state to retrieve anything out of it unfortunately.
  7. Hi Guys, I've got a G4+ plugin for my Rev3 MR2 running the PCLink software. I have an issue with the PCLink software crashing if the laptop goes to sleep. It's a fairly new Dell XPS running Windows 10. PCLink is the latest release (V5.6.5.3338b) If the laptop goes to sleep with the software open then once the laptop is woken up again, PCLink displays the Debug/Close program dialog. This happens almost every time. Let me know what other detail you would like.
  8. I have a screen set up in my car as a HUD of sorts. It would be really cool if there were capability to set up a theme/layout where each page (or all pages while the theme is active) could have an actual image set as the background and all the View elements could be set to transparent.This way, we could have the text data displaying over the top of an image which could be customised to the users preference. As an example - I want to do up a CAD-style image of my car and overlay the data in relevant areas. Basically it would end up being your "vehicle plan" view (which is really cool btw) on crack. No concerns here about image scaling - I will happily do it myself! This be my wish upon a star. I will also take this opportunity to express how happy I am with your software in its current form. It has a great layout, its highly customisable, and it looks really really nice compared to a lot of others on the market. I continue to be really happy I decided to go with Link as my first platform.
  9. Hi All, I am planning on using PCLink as a HUD of sorts. On this basis, I was wondering if there was any facility to do the following in any way: 1. Set an image as the background for a page 2. Configure elements to be transparent (so it would just be the data and no background in the actual view element) I am sure you get where I am going with this... Any possibility? Dont mind editing the XML directly if you guys have a call for an image rather than a color. If this is NOT possible - is there some way of live exporting data to CSV? Thinking of creating something custom and just pulling data off the CSV as an alternative. Keen for any ideas or comments if anyone else has set up this kind of thing! Cheers.
  10. Hi, I'm using the G4+ Storm (black) ecu that uses the link proprietary usb cable to connect to the ecu, unline the atom/monsoon which uses the generic usb mini port. My question is does the storm connect via serial? From the help files it says this communications port (pictures attached) isn't available for storm. I'm guessing it is referring to CAN which the storm has a wired pin out on the ecu loom itself. I'm planning to do a connection to the ecu wirelessly. If the ecu communicates via serial I'm guessing it would be possible to use a wireless rs232 connection?
  11. Good morning everybody, Last night we released a new PCLink and Firmware, I updated this thread but it didn't stick (weird eh?) Thanks for your patience with the 5.6.2 to 5.6.5 update-requiring-ECU unlock bug. Thanks Davidv for his work around. I'll leave these notes attached because they're still quite relevant to this release: As always, here's how to update your firmware the best way:
  12. Hi guys, so I've just put up a new release of PCLink and the firmware. Thanks for your patience with this one You can grab it from here: http://www.linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/ As always, here's how to update your firmware the best way: If you have any questions or issues please post them in this thread.
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