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Found 1 result

  1. My plan is to have the Link Fury G4x to manage the MR2 SW20 Power Steering (PS). Let me explain some overview of the MR2 power steering module. The OEM setup of this PS is a separate systems. It has it own ECU to manage the PS motor. The module consist of 1) PS ECU 2) PS hydraulic motor 80ampere 3) PS relay (uses a solid state relay) 4) Steering angle sensor On OEM setup, The PS will operate once the PS ECU receive input from the steering angel sensor (activate after 33 degree angle) and speed sensor. The PS motor will run with 9-11v current with the combination of this condition PS angle sensor reads more than 33 degree; and speed = 0km/h The PS motor will run with 3-5v current with the combination of this conditions: PS angel sensor read more than 33 degree; and Speed = 65km/h To my understanding, this PS module is a electrical run hydraulic systems. The steering angle sensor will determine how much PS oil need to pump according to angle (correct me if i am wrong) when the PS motor runs. My question is, how can I get Link G4x Fury to run the PS motor according to this table: Vehicle speed (km/h) 0 10 20 30 40 50 PS Motor Speed (%) 100 60 50 40 25 0 2. Which Link g4x AUX can manage the OEM relay? Or should I just get other type of relay? 3. Anyone experience running the MR2 PS motor with LINK ECU? Care to share some wiring diagram of your setup? Anything that I should know as a heads up before I embark on this project?
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