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Found 6 results

  1. Link PNP in stock harness. Series 1 RB25 5 speed Issue is that at around 3200rpm the TPS % drops to 0% causing a cut of throttle until more or less throttle is applied. Occurs intermittently but always in 1st gear, taking off from a stop. TPS analog values show 0.47 closed and 3.70 open, I have recalibrate the tps multiple times but issue persists. I have checked and the tps rises and lowers with throttle smoothly in voltage and position. I have attached the .pcl and log. Issue can be seen at 21:17 in the log. tps logs.pclr tps logs.llg
  2. Hi all on my r33 gtr rb26dett How can I double check my 2nd fuel pumps cut in injector duty please Also how can i increase the coolant warning, I think currently it warns me with the check engine light at 100c which is to low for the hot weather Thanks in advance all atest-gtr.pclr
  3. Hi all Recently my cylinder 1 spark plug has been fouling badly and becoming carbonised I have done a compression test and compression is perfect and equal across all cylinders I took a driving log and was wondering if there was anything in the log that might indicated why it is fouling up, the log is pretty big so zipped it with 7zip Thanks in advance all Log 2018-10-18 7;41;11 pm.7z
  4. Hi all Car is running fine except when I turn on the A/C it drops revs and has a tendency to stall either while idle or coming to a stop any input would be greatly appreciated, I have attached a copy of my latest PCLR and can take a log if needed Thank in advance all r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  5. Hi All I have a Gaugeart box hooked up to an LCD to show data from my ECU for my r33 GTR I have managed to get most sensors setup and working but for some reason I cannot get oil temperature to display, I am not sure if I need to enable it somewhere in the ECU or if it is enabled by default, since the r33 gtr comes with an analog display oil temp sensor originally installed in the dash I have an oil pressure sensor hooked up which is working fine. Have attached a copy of my PCLR Thanks in advance r33_gtr_march_2018_oil_pressure_enabled.pclr
  6. Hey guys, I'm transferring my RB25DET and Link G4+ PnP from one Nissan Skyline R33 coupe to a non-turbo R33 sedan, and I'm wondering if I will need a touch up on the tune? I'm also planning on changing injectors to larger ones, so if it needs a touch up I may as well put them in and then get the car retuned. Cheers, Steven.
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