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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. Im about to start my new built engieen (rb25det in r32 Skyline gtst) Running a Link ecu g4+ extreme. I have set My base Time to 10° and im getting spark, signal at trig 1 and trig 2 and i can see my rpm is around 200. (Vag Short coils) My injectors are opening when im doing inj test. But when im trying to start my inj wont fire (THE sparkplugs are dry same with the topp of the Piston) running e85 on denso 95500-0830 injectors. Greetings from Sweden, Andreas.
  2. Hi ther! Im in ownership of an Stagea c34 rs4 with an rb25det s2 engien with an auto. Foe about 2 years i have been strugelinf with the engien and want tog et rid of the factory ecu, or at least have a different one control the engien and have the OEM one controll gearbox and all the other stuff. So im wondering what you guys woud recomend! I have been looking st some pigy back's but litraly have no idea what im looking for
  3. New to the Link game. Just after some Input from other users in the same situation. Haven’t ben able to source much info on the subject but wanted to see if there are much users on here that are using the 300zLink to run their Rb25det engine. I’ve gone through both the factory R33 Rb25det ECU and Z32 ECU Pinouts and listed the differences I’ve found in both ECU and Looms as Well as the 300zLink and GtrLink pinouts.The pics attached show the OEM ECU Differences I found and the Link booklet is the 300zLink pinouts with the pen writing being the input/outputs they’d run on rb25det.
  4. Ok so I'm new to his kinda stuff bare that in mind before continueing on The engine is an rb25det and the ecu is a G4+ plugin ok so single step launch control is currently set up on my car with a switch but it's very soft it functions perfectly but I'm not satisfied with it, I want more aggressive pops and bangs, I hardly ever acualy use the launch control for its intended purposes I use it mainly for the sound, I know some people may not agree with that but every man to there own right! just wondering could someone be as kind as to help me out here
  5. hello i am sorry but please read my thread again and tell me where is the problem
  6. Hi Everyone, My auto Leccy has nearly finished wiring in the new Storm ecu into a twin turbo rb25 VL Berlina. We were hoping someone might have a base tune mapped out we could use just to get the car running, a proper dyno tune will be performed in the coming month or so. Thanks in advance, will post a couple photos of the finished job once it's done!
  7. Hey guys, I'm transferring my RB25DET and Link G4+ PnP from one Nissan Skyline R33 coupe to a non-turbo R33 sedan, and I'm wondering if I will need a touch up on the tune? I'm also planning on changing injectors to larger ones, so if it needs a touch up I may as well put them in and then get the car retuned. Cheers, Steven.
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