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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, We have a Nissan Skyline R33 with an RB26 engine and we have a really Strange Problem! It has a G4+ Plugin Link installed .The Car Hits the Rev Limiter Early! Sometimes at 5000Rpm and Sometimes at 6800. The Rev Limiter is set to 7200 without the advanced tables. We Swapped the whole Wiring with a Mil-spec one, we have Replaced the Trigger Setup with a 24 Missing 1 tooth and a Reluctor Sensor, We messed with the Filtering and the Arm threshold Setup, and now we are going to Replace The coils for Test! Anyone who have any Similar Issue or may know anything? I attached 3 Log Files i Recorded (I can send with more details if you need) and also i attached a photo where the limiter "hit" at 13500RPM but the car never passed the 6800 actually. Thank you for your time! Log Skyline.llg Log 2021-01-7 6;20;30 pm.llg Log 2021-01-7 6;21;13 pm.llg
  2. Hi there, i have tuning this rb34 with ross trigger setup and sensors its makes around 735hp 65kg torgue at 1.4bar but the problem when i reach 6800 rpm the crank signal goes error count more up to 30-40 time in dyno pull. my question, why the link ecu filter its not filtering till i filter it max,there were no changes. what it can cost?only crank sensor it is trigger 2 getting error at high rpm,the cam side looks fine so far.(is it design faulty from ross,i have check today online they have change the design12 tooth to sharp edge) i have change sensor priority to trigger 1,still same is this magnectic sensor not good for higher rpm?or link ecu got filtering issue so anyone any idea how to make work without error. thank you for your advise
  3. Ok so I'm new to his kinda stuff bare that in mind before continueing on The engine is an rb25det and the ecu is a G4+ plugin ok so single step launch control is currently set up on my car with a switch but it's very soft it functions perfectly but I'm not satisfied with it, I want more aggressive pops and bangs, I hardly ever acualy use the launch control for its intended purposes I use it mainly for the sound, I know some people may not agree with that but every man to there own right! just wondering could someone be as kind as to help me out here
  4. Hi, I recently had my car mapped by an "old school" Japanese tuner who is accustomed to dealing with the HKS V-Pro; mine is the first Link he has ever done. The car made good power on the dyno and runs well, but the idle is just a little bit more lumpy than I would expect and I'm wondering if someone wouldn't mind taking a look at the map. The tuner says the injectors are to blame but I want to make sure there isn't anything else that could be cleaned up at all. The engine is an RB26dett running multiple throttles and stock turbos with Bosch EV14 1000cc injectors and R35 GT-R ignition coils. It has been mapped using MGP as the main fuel table load axis with a secondary table overlay to compensate according to throttle position. Closed loop lambda is set to on and the sensor works great but for some reason the gain is set to 0. Increasing the gain to about 5% causes a tendency for the engine to swing lean at idle. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer! 5-31-2017.pclr
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