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Found 6 results

  1. hello folks,trying to setup some things on my engine while ago, while the car is moving above the speed lockout on neutral the engine revs up to 1300rpm all the time and bounching up and down and when the speed touches the speed lockout of ignition idle control then goes to idle target(900 rpm). sometimes holds high rpms while i change gears or slight moving or having the clutch pressed(which the clutch has individual vacuum feed ) I have 3 wire ISCV and the stepper motor type is on unipolar 6 terminal should i change it to 4 terminal ?All idle feeds and ISCV is cleaned recently. Also aux 1 is isc sol slave and aux 2 is isc solenoid. any ideas? rpm log2.llg
  2. Hello everyone, when my engine is on idle and i press aggressively the throttle pedal i hear the intake sucking air but it has hesitation to give rpm. what have i done wrong? its not e-throttle.
  3. Hello everyone, so i might be overlooking this but what's suppose to be the normal voltage to ecu for PIN 71 +14V?? My tuner told me that my the g4+ plugin was not seeing a good amount of voltage so he had made a jumper wire from the alternator positive post straight into the (B) Pin 71 thus ECU getting 14V, and had continued tuning my car like that. I eventually had to take that jumper wire off bc it would leave the ecu activated and drain the battery even after I would turn off the car bc it's straight powered from the battery. Right now I only see ~12.8V to the ecu. With car on i have 14V at the battery posts and alternator positive post to chassis ground. Battery is in front of the car, positive cable runs through the whole length of the car into the trunk where the fuse box is located. In picture provided, it's 13V at the 15A EFI fuse White/Red Wire to (Batt) Pin 61: 12.8V Black/Yellow to (+B) Pin 71: 12.8V Here's a log that I've recorded, ECU voltage varies bc of loads like lights, signals, fan, etc.. Can someone give me some advice? Log 2019-12-15 4;37;23 pm.llg
  4. Hi, I have a stock ST205 Celica with the G4+ plug in ECU. The air conditioning doesn't work properly with the G4+, though does when I use the OEM ECU. I haven't made any changes to the wiring, and don't plan to. This video explains the issue - https://youtu.be/bNhyJxdSKT8 Changing the pull up setting doesn't fix the issue. Please let me know what I should do.
  5. pat90

    St205 engine fan

    Somebody knows If The oem ecu of Toyota switches The engine fan with 12volt? I have a Link ecu but The link doesnt switch The engine fan. We changed The fan wire to another pin(injector6) in The connector en in The ecu changed settings but with no succes, If we put 12V in The pin The fans start running, I think we must couple a relay to iT to switch. I think iT a little strange for such expensive ecu that this not works Like oem?
  6. Hi, I know I can use existing ign outputs on the standard loom but i'd like to be able to have the coils on their own loom to an xsloom. I already have an xsloom, 1zzfe coils and want to use the triggers in the oem distributor till my engine is build with Caldina crank and cam triggers, I've had a look in pclink but cant see if I can set the outputs to a certain cylinder. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Adrian.
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